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Once upon a time there was a man named Abraham who had wasted his life being lazy and procrastinating things and values come to him.Since he had no job experiences and nothing worth to earn livelihood he started doing small roberies and crimes for his daily bread.He was the man who has nothing back and forth,in short he has nothing to lose and as we all know the people who have nothing to lose are to be feared the most.Abraham's life was pretty nuts,his dad divorced his mom in order to marry a young woman this devastated his mom and lead to severe depression his mom also got sexually asaaulted by some goons of street she was literally going through hell.Until she decided to commit suicide she was thinking ways about how can she kill herself and her son Abraham ,Abraham was just 6 years old at this time . His mom started preparing the most favourite chocolate drink of Abraham, until Abraham saw her mixing rat poison in her mom and his drink he started crying that he wont drink it but she asked him she is really done with life and cant have this anymore and she asked him to go play with his friends out.It was no time until Abraham was playing in the field and his mom jumped through the 4th floor of her appartment and died when he saw this blood and her exploded head he was pretty disturbed.Since that day he never smiled he always enjoyed killing people for fun .Eventually in his 18s and 19s he became a saddist and used to kill animals for fun this made things tough for him when the head of society complained againt Abraham to higher authorities about his strange behaviour he seriously turned him into devil who had no feelings and mercy everytime he was asked why is he like this he just replied he wanted to punish this sick world for what they have done with him and his mom he always believed that the whole world is responsible for his condition because he wanted to become a pilot no school admitted him due to his poverty.

His mom and he used to stay hungry for whole day when she begged for food someone would try to help her but ask her to lay in bed with him in return, this made him tough from within.

Not more days passed from the complaints of building incharge .He murdered the goons who assaulted his mom and the head of the appartment was the same guy who asked his mom to sleep with him in order to help her .To punish him he didnt kill him but instead he murdered the wife and 4 year old daughter of the head of the building and txted him saying *how do you feel living alone I have lived this life for pretty some years now I want u to feel how I feel and I want you to feel my pain*. he said and ran from that city to another city where he met Gonzalo. Gonzalo was the most notorious criminal in that locality it was no time when Gonzalo got to know about Abraham .He asked his people to bring him to Gonzalo *people searched and bringing him to Gonzalo*

Gonzalo:I heard about you from one of our informers you had a pretty f***ed up childhood.

Abraham:Get on the point before I f*** you up.

Gonzalo : listen motherfucking young man this is my empire I dont want to be rude but you cant talk shit in here.

Abraham:just tell me why am I here

Gonzalo:since we came across that you have fled the city of Denzel commiting 8 murders you know what will happen if they arrest you.

Abraham:what can they do kill me thats all.

Gonzalo:yes they will ,but thats not the way I want you to be treated.

Abraham:Then what do you want from me.

Gonzalo: even my story is someway relatable to yours uhmm its kinda worst,im not gonna go deep into it but I can feel the pain you are going through.

Abraham:I stopped feelings in my head in my teenage.

Gonzalo:now I want you to live rest of your life as a king, will you help me with my business I promise you will not regret it.

Abraham:okay if you help me escaping the cops the yes Im in.

Gonzalo:you are welcome.