2 System Unlock


A young man lying on a bed moaned in pain. A splitting headache galloped through his head like a raging wild horse.

It was as though there was a bell repeatedly smashing in his brain, with his skull serving as the barrier, it was really painful.

"What just happened?" Erian muttered in confusion. Massaging his head in hope his headache would reduce.

He could vividly remember he had he had just gotten his very own Bionic Smart Lens. They were non-removable contact lenses equipped with a terminator like system to help everyone's daily life, making it easier. Most people on earth had gotten their's, especially since it was given to everyone by the government for free. Erian was in the process of installing his when...

Erian's gave changed drastically. "Shit! My head exploded!?"

Suddenly, he groaned loudly as flashes of memories flickered through his mind. They were pieces of fragments of memories, but Erian was absolutely sure they weren't his memory.

His eyelashes fluttered rapidly and his body shook, almost like he was having a seizure. This happened for about five seconds before he was able to finally control himself.

"I've transmigrated?"

The confusion in his eyes slowly fade away, only to reveal disbelief, with a trace of excitement in his eyes.

From his memory, it appeared this world was more than ten times larger than earth. And was filled with things and beings one could only find in a pure fantasy movie!

Giant beasts and monsters that tower over buildings, humans who could evolve and expand their bodies to the size of a mountain, shattering boulders with the strength of their fists.

With the aid of Practicing Manuals, high-grade genetic altering serums and vials, one could develop Nuclear Pulse within the body to acquire the strength to sustain the awakening process as a Titan, fighting off gigantic monsters and even fusing them with their Titan to acquire their ability!

Erian's eyes lit up with excitement, making his body jolt up from where he was lying. Erian suddenly felt pain in his head and body.

It was then he remembered how this body died. His fist suddenly clenched tightly and he gritted his teeth. "Fu! Tian!"

Whispering, he said. "Don't worry, since I got the chance to live again with your body, I will try my best to help you with your grudges."

Recalling countless memories, Erian took in a deep breath. He had assumed the body of a useless man whose talent was so low he had only reached the second level of the Rudimental Cell Rejuvenating Technique after three years of study. However, this world seemed interesting.

Erian observed the place he was in and discovered he was currently in his room. He didn't have a bed, but it didn't matter since there were a bunch of blankets serving as bed for him.

His place was really shabby and there was only a chair in his room. Apart from that, two mountains of metal and glass Syringes piled up at the corners of his room. Erian vividly remember, one mountain consist of used Syringes, and the other consisted of the ones he had personally Sterilised.

It was mainly by selling the sterilized syringes he makes his living and if he was lucky, he could accumulate Low-grade defective serums from the used syringes and sell them for 500 Units outside.


His stomach rumbled due to hunger, making Erian frown slightly. There wasn't much food in his room and the last bit of food he had, he was planning on keeping it for tomorrow. Alas with his Injuries, his body requires more energy than he had calculated.

After an hour, Erian Strainously moved out from the bed, he went towards the pile of a mountain and withdrew a box from underneath. There weren't many items within the box, just a few items. Erian withdrew his last meal which consists of bread and a few vegetables within.

He was going to immediately devour the food, but he was stunned after he lifted the food a few inches away from his mouth, because he saw a series of data.

Abruptly, Erian saw a few lines of words appear within his line of sight.

[Name: Regular Sandwich]

[Level: Low]

[Quality: Normal]

[Energy: 2 points]

[Effect: This food can barely keep you from starving. Nothing more.]

Erian rubbed his eyes in surprise.

'Isn't this the assistant A.I. Chip from my previous life? How did it reincarnate with me? This doesn't make sense!'

He found it hard to believe. He thought to himself, ' This is the first time one using this System, but according to what I've heard, it should be able to do quite a few things. A.I. Chip, scan my mind and locate assistive systems.'

After a mere moment, there was no response as though the command he gave wasn't the one the system good understand.

"Hmm, display my body stats." This statement was met with the sudden changes of the words before him.

[Scan complete.]

[Name: Erian Falstone]

[52/100 exp] (48 more experience points to break through to Level Three)

[Strength: 0.4]

[Agility: 0.5]

[Vitality: 0.4]

[Nuclear Pulse Talent: One star(Lowest possible grade)<Upgradable>]

[Main Art: Rudimentary Cell Rejuvenating Technique (Repairable)<Level Two>]

[Status: Blood haemorrhaging at the back of the head, skin tear, many injuries to the soft tissues.]

A 3D hologram appeared before Erian's eyes. It displayed Erian's own body and showed stats on the side.

'It seems like some abnormality occurred during the explosion or my reincarnation, and the A.I within the Bionic Smart Lens functions have fused with my soul...

The corners of Erian's mouth suddenly lifted to form a brilliant smile. He knew that in this Era of turmoil, having this system would definitely make his future path extraordinary!

"But! This Erian's physique is really…" Erian was speechless after seeing the stats in front of him.

The stats displayed were based on each aspect of an adult's physiology as a standard. Theoretically, the average adult's displayed stats would all be around 1. Although this Erian was only 15-16 years old, his stats were still too low.

What other functions does this system have?

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