1 Chapter 1: Vampires

She could feel the breath on her neck, the feel of his mouth, no his tongue on her throat, trailing down, and then the feel of something else, his fangs, his fangs grazing her neck. She tensed, he was deep inside of her now, and she was at his mercy, and then she felt him bite into her neck, she felt him sucking her blood, felt the blood beading down her throat. Fear now consumed her as she realized her fate was in his hands. This dark mysterious stranger, had hooked her into his game. She could feel herself slipping away, feel the life leaving her body.

She jolts awake in her bed, sweat beading down her forehead and face. She had this dream many times, but could not understand why. It even ended the same way, he drains her and she dies, or at least she thinks she does. Frustrated and confused, she gets up and goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water. She chugs the water and places the glass on the counter. She slams her fist into the counter in frustration, cutting her knuckle. She lifts her knuckle to her mouth and sucks on the blood to stop the bleeding. She then thinks about the dream she has been having, of blood drinking. She knew the creature in her dream was indeed a vampire, but there was never a face to the vampire.

Her name, Jesse Houston, and she was a twenty-two-year-old living as a part-time worker to pay her rent. She'd sooner be writing stories, stories like the dream she keeps having. She had been writing about this dream for awhile, how it started, where it ended. Those two things, there was nothing in the dream that indicated the before and after, so she made up both. It was better than assuming she died. She assumed that is what happens in the dream, but in real life, she makes it different, like it was a one-night-stand, or a relationship develops between her and the vampire. She was a writer, so making things like this up, came easy to her. She left the kitchen and went to the living room and sat down on the couch, still sucking her knuckle and thinking about what she should do now; she didn't want to go back to sleep, otherwise the dream would come back. She wondered if the dream meant something in the real world, but that was impossible; demons, vampires, anything like that didn't exist. She tried to assume it was because she had an active imagination, or perhaps it was an obsession she had, wanting some adventure or thrill in her life, considering her life was dull and boring. Working the same job and living in the same apartment, no one interested in her stories. It was frustrating; most people spend their whole lives working at a job that they don't enjoy, and never doing anything worth while, their lives, passing them by.

She could hear the winds and the rain outside, hitting the window. There was a storm outside, and it was the dream that woke her, not the storm. She loved storms, it was enchanting to her, hearing the different sounds that storms made, it took her away from reality for a little while. It wasn't just rainstorms she was fascinated by, she loved any kind of weather storm, it always brought interest to her. She enjoyed all the sounds that the storms made, loud and quiet, but to her, the louder, the better. How she wished that things were more exciting, like what happened in the dream. She had checked with someone before, that knew how to read dreams, it wasn't much help as the dream reader could not read her dream very well, even though she had had the same dream several times before seeking out a dream reader. All the reader said, was what Jesse already knew to be true, that such things didn't exist. She really needed to get to sleep, she had to work in the morning, so she could make her rent. She went back to her bedroom to lie back down. At the end of the day, it was just a dream, that was it.

The next morning, she went to work, tired and frustrated. She was tapping on her keyboard when two colleagues came up to her.

"How about a girl's night, Jesse?" one colleague asked.

"Too busy with my boring life, Amy," Jesse said in annoyance. This was the fifth Friday in a row they've asked her to come.

"You say that every Friday," the other girl whined.

"Well, it's true, my life is going nowhere, Raine" she sighed, "At least you two enjoy your jobs," she growled.

"True, but this might be a change of pace. We're going to this hot new club called 'The Den'," Raine giggled.

"Hm, maybe."

"Come on Jess, you need a day to breathe," Amy begged.

"Fine, what time?"

"Eight, we'll meet you there?" Amy answered.


The two girls left her alone then, so that she could finish her work. The office wasn't open on the weekends, which was why her friends always asked her to go with them on a Friday. She figured a club called 'The Den', would be interesting, which was why she agreed to go. She figured it was better than sitting at home, being bored, and then reliving the dream again. Maybe she would meet an interesting man, that she could maybe date. That was wishful thinking, she was a normal average looking girl and there was no way any guy would be interested in her, even in high school, she was always invisible. She never went out, this would be the first time since her high school prom that she went anywhere outside of her apartment, work or department store. Yeah, her life was pretty boring, and at this point, she figured the club would also be boring, so there wasn't any harm in going. Her two colleagues were actually her friends from preschool. They went to the same elementary school and high school. After high school, they went to university. Jesse would have joined them, but a horrible event happened shortly after her commencement.

A few nights before her high school graduation, she heard a commotion downstairs in the home she grew up in. She went down the stairs to find both her parents and little brother, lying dead in the living room, blood pooling around them, and a hooded man standing, staring at her. She had screamed and ran back into her bedroom and locked the door. She then pulled her phone out and called emergency, who had quickly showed up at the scene. Jesse was so distraught, that her family was dead. Her mother's brother took her in until she was better and was able to get back on her feet and recover from the loss of her family. After that, she got a job and rented out an apartment. She didn't have that job for long, and then her friends stepped in, and got her a job as a secretary at the office. Her friends were lawyers at the office, so I guess the right word would be firm. Two years after her family was murdered, they finally found the killer, and the sentence was death, although, that didn't help Jesse, she was still beside herself that someone would do that in cold blood. After the trial, Jesse's friends supported her while she grieved, she had grieved when her family was murdered, but this was different, they finally brought the killer to justice.

Jesse finished up her work and turned of her computer. She headed for the door, before someone grabbed arm and instinctively, she swung a left hook, making contact with whoever grabbed her.

"Wow, you're strong," the voice laughed.

"Oh my god! Jeff, I'm so sorry!" she panicked.

"It's quite alright, especially after your parent's death," he said, rubbing his cheek.

"And you're not the first one I've done that too," she sighed, "It's how I lost my last job. Oh god, am I fired?!"

"No, no, luckily I understand the circumstances, that and Raine is my wife after all," he smiled, "She mentioned you finally agreed to go out with them."

"Yeah, although, I'm regretting it."

"Don't you need it," he said, "I just wanted to catch you before you left about the report you gave me yesterday."

"That bad?"

"That good actually. I'm going to give you a pay raise. I know this isn't your kind of job, but you're good at what you do, and that means being recognized for it."

"Thank you, Jeff."

"You're very welcome, now have fun and make sure my Raine says out of trouble," he laughed, turning on his heels and heading back to his office.

Jesse headed home and got ready for the evening events. She figured a pair of jeans and a loose tank top would work just fine for the club. She decided to let her auburn long hair, be free of its ponytail and allow it to flow down her back and lay against her butt. Her hair had a natural wave to it, much like her mother had, and she was glad she acquired a good quality from her mother. She had acquired a good quality from her father too, her smarts. Once she was ready, she headed out the door and down the way to the club. When she looked it up, she found that it was only a few blocks away from her apartment, so she decided to walk instead of drive. She could hear the music flowing out of the club and then she noticed the long lineup. She saw her friends, who were not that far from the entrance, but were in line. She ran up to them and they smiled at her, welcoming her to join them.

"So, Jeff say you punched him," Raine giggled, as they waited to get in.

"Accident, I swear!" Jesse said, defensively.

"Jeff said that. Luckily he's not an asshole boss and he's my husband."

"What's with the different colored wristbands?" Jesse asked, looking towards the bouncer, "There's red and blue."

"No idea, but turns out, this place has been here for quite sometime," Amy smiled, "We just never noticed before."

"Maybe it was low key before," Jesse sighed.

"Either way, it's looks cool," Raine smiled.

They finally got to the bouncer who was placing wristbands on all the patrons.

"Let me see your teeth," he said to Amy.

"Why?" she asked.

"Either show the teeth or go elsewhere," he growled.

Amy did as she was told and he put a red wristband on her, Raine followed suit and also received a red one.

"Teeth?" he said to Jesse.

"What are the blue ones for?" she asked, showing her teeth and receiving the same color as her friends.

"The colors identify differences," was all he said as he checked the next in line.

Differences? Jesse was confused at that thought. What would make them different from someone else? Was it maybe class or royalty? Jesse wasn't sure and right now; it didn't seem like Amy nor Raine cared as they entered the club and joined in on the party. Jesse being Jesse, chose to find a quite corner to sit in while her friends had a good time. After a while, her friends found her and sat down next to her. They both seemed a little tipsy, but looked like they were having fun. Jesse checked her watch and realized it was almost midnight.

"We should get going," Jesse said.

"We're having to much fun!" Raine laughed, then spilt her drink.

"You're drunk," Amy laughed.

"And, I think you're both drunk," Jesse sighed, "Can we go?"

"Another dance and then we will, but you have to come dance with us," Raine whimpered.

"Fine," Jesse growled, allowing her friends to pull her to the dancefloor.

Jesse danced, but while she did, she noticed the wristband on the man dancing beside her, it was blue and not red. She decided to make conversation with the man.

"Can I ask you a question?" she said.

"Anything, darling," he responded, turning towards her.

She then noticed why the bouncer was asking about teeth, this man and two canines, much longer than her own, and his lips were covered in something red…blood!

"Um, never mind," she said, turning back to her friends, whispering, "Can we leave now?"

"What's wrong, pet?" the man asked her.

"Dance with him," her friends urged her.

"No, I want to go home," she growled, grabbing their hands and dragging them from the dancefloor.

The bouncer met them at the door.

"Leaving so soon?" he asked.

"My friends are drunk and need to go home," she said quietly.

"I'll call a cab," he said, "But it may be about half an hour."

"Fine," she growled, heading back into the club and finding a quiet corner to stay in until the cab arrived.

She watched the crowds and as she did so, she noticed something she hadn't, when she first entered the club, people who had blue bands, seemed more good looking, god like looking than the ones with red bands. She also noticed a man and a woman on the dance floor, the man had a red band while the woman had a blue one, and it looked like she was latched onto his neck. After a few moments of watching the two of them, she sees the woman release the man, and sees the canines and the blood. She licks her lips and kisses the man's lips before walking away from him; this wasn't happening, Jesse wasn't seeing this. Maybe someone put something in her drink and it was causing her to see things. Her friends were barely conscious, so maybe she was just seeing things. She saw the bouncer gesturing towards her and she headed back to the front entrance. She helped her friends into the car and before she could get in, the bouncer stopped her.

"My boss wants a word with you before you leave," he said.

"Me? What did I do?" she asked.

"I'm just the messenger. I'll send for another cab for you?"

"No, I'll walk home. Where is your boss?" she asked, annoyed.

"I'll have Mark here, take you to him," he said, gesturing to the man standing next to him.

She couldn't help but notice that he also had long canines and now that she thought about it, so did the bouncer. She thought it best not to fight them, especially if they were what she thought they were, but then, that meant, she might be the boss's dinner. She didn't do anything wrong, so why else would the boss ask to see her? Maybe he wasn't someone with long canines, maybe he didn't know these things worked for him? She sure hoped so, otherwise she may end up dead and her dreams would become a reality. She followed Mark towards the back part of the club and they headed up a flight of stairs. He then opened a door and escorted her inside.

"The boss will be back shortly, just make yourself comfortable," he said, before exiting the room.

She heard the door lock, which to her, didn't mean anything good. She looked around for another exit, but realized the room she was in, had no windows and only one door, which meant, no escape route. She was glad her friends were alright, but that left her defenseless. She didn't know anything about this club and from what she just noticed, red bands meant humans, blue bands meant bloodsuckers. She heard the door unlock and she looked for something she could use as a weapon, but all she found was a pen. It was something. She grabbed it and hid it behind her back as the door opened and revealed a tall man, about six-foot-four, with slick short black hair and deep green eyes, but she didn't see any long canines.

"Good evening," he said, closing the door behind him.

"It was, until I was brought to your office," she said, a hint of anger in her voice.

"My apologies, my bouncer said you were causing mischief."

"Mischief? Me? How? I was at one of the tables, minding my own business."

"You rejected one of the blue bands, who only wanted to dance with you," he answered, slowly walking up to her, "Not interested in men?" he asked.

"Huh? If you're asking if I'm gay, then no. I just don't dance with strangers," she growled.

"Hmm, then why come to a club?" he asked, closing the distance between them.

"I was dragged here by my friends," she said, "And could you back off? You're a little close for comfort."

"Am I now?" he purred, "And what do you plan on doing with my pen?" he asked, throwing her off.

"I…uh…how do you know I have a pen?"

"I'm not that dumb, sweetheart, now hand it over," he said, extending his hand.

She thought for a moment, and remembered that the door wasn't locked. She would gladly give him the pen. She brought her hand from around her back, and stabbed the pen into the man's hand, causing it to bleed. She bolted for the door, but before she could reach it, he was already there, leaning against it, pulling the pen out of his hand and licking the wound like a dog would. Before her very eyes, the wound healed itself.

"That wasn't very nice, pet," he growled, low in his throat.

"You can't keep me here!" she snapped.

"I can do what I please," he smiled, revealing his own pair of fangs, "And besides, like your friends, you won't remember a thing," he said, slowly walking up to her.

She walked backwards, until she was up against his desk. He closed the distance between them again, only this time, she had no defence, no way of escape. She was at the mercy of, whoever this was.

"Who the hell are you?" she asked, her voice shaking.

"Scared, are we?" he asked, cupping her cheeks with his soft smooth hands.

"I asked first."

"I am the owner of this club and the leader of my clan, my name is Alec Trace, but you won't have any memories of that," he smiled, titling her head to the side, "I can smell your fear," he purred, nuzzling her neck.

"Please, please let me go," she begged.

"I will, after I feed of course," he said, scraping his fangs along her neck.

She's been here before, her dream, but this was different. This was someone she's seen the face of, not a blur. This was real and not a dream, which meant that the dream reader was wrong and vampires actually existed. Oh god, she was at the mercy of one, the owner of the club he said, the clan leader he said, and according to him, she wouldn't have memory of any of it.

"Please," she begged once more, before feeling his fangs sink deep inside of her neck.

She could feel him sucking her, smell the blood that was slowly going down her neck from the wound. She could feel his breath on her skin and he held her in place, preventing her from moving. Not that she could, she was at his mercy. She started to feel weak, and then she felt his fangs leave her skin, before she fainted.

Jesse bolted awake, to find herself in her bed, but still fully clothed. What the hell happened? How the hell did she get home? She looked at her phone and noticed that she had three missed calls, all from Raine. She picked up her phone and called her.

"Jesus, did you pass out?" Raine asked, answering.

"No, I…" she trailed off, and then remembered.

She got her friends in the car and then she was escorted to the boss's office, where she met Alec Trace, a vampire. She felt her neck, but no marks were there.

"The club owner wanted to speak to me," she said.

"Oh…was he hot?" Raine asked.

"Raine!" Jesse snapped.

"Sorry, but you need a good man in your life."

Yeah right, good man. The guy had her for a midnight snack, how was that a good man?

"I don't, I'm just fine without one," she growled.

"Fine, have it your way. I was just making sure you were okay."

"You don't remember anything?" Jesse asked.

"Just a whole lot of fun, I wouldn't mind going back to that club," she laughed.

"Right, next time, you're on your own. No more clubs for me," Jesse growled, "Anyway, I got to get to sleep."

"Alright, I'll see you on Monday," she said hanging up.

Furious, Jesse got out of bed, put her shoes on and headed out the front door. There was no way she was going to sleep without an explanation. Were these people cannibals? Role playing? She wanted answers and there was only one way of getting them. She made it back to the club, where the same bouncer was still letting people in.

"I need to talk to your boss," she growled, cutting the line.

"What boss?" he asked.

"Don't play dumb with me!" she snapped, "Alec Trace!"

Shocked, the bouncer said something into his earpiece and then allowed Jesse to enter the club. She followed the trail to where Mark had led her and headed up the stairs, she then slammed the door open, startling both Alec and Mark.

"I thought you got this one home?" Alec said, turning to Mark.

"Fred just alerted me that she stormed in here," he said, annoyed.

"Stormed in here?" Alec said shocked.

"Yeah and you better have a damn good explanation on what the hell is going on!" Jesse hissed, glaring from Mark to Alec.

"Explanation? About what?" Mark asked.

"I told that bouncer not to play dumb with me, so it's in your best interest to do the same!" she snapped, storming up to Alec and slapping him.

"What on Earth?" Alec said, still shocked.

"You drank from me! What kind of sick place is this?!" she snarled.

"I'll be leaving," Mark said, rushing out the door and closing it.

"Drank?" he asked, rubbing his red cheek.

"Do Not Play Dumb!" she hissed.

"Could you please calm down…"



"Why? So, the red means humans and the blue means vampires? What the hell?"

"I cannot explain anything to you while you're wired up, I don't even understand how you remember."

"What's that supposed to mean?!"

"If you calm down, I can explain," he said, calmly.

Jesse's temper was at a high, but she chose to sit down in the only armchair in the room, crossed her arms and glared at Alec.

"Start talking, buster."

"First, yes, we are a vampire club. The bands signify human and vampire. The vampires feed on the humans, but leave no trace, no marks, no memories and everyone has fun," he began.

"Clearly, not everyone," she growled.

"Clearly," he agreed, "Which makes no sense, how you remember," he said, leaning against his desk.

"I'm not sure myself, but I will tell you this, I've had the same dream for as long as I can remember about being a victim to a vampire. Tonight, you made that dream a reality, although, in the dream, there was no face to the vampire," she said, quietly, her temper a little calmer.

"I see. Your friends have no memories?"

"No, not a clue."

"Hm, this is odd," he said, then pulled out his phone and dialed a number, "Yes, I know it's very late, but I have a problem. A human has memories."

She could hear someone on the other end before he hung up and put his phone back in his pocket.

"Who were you talking to?" she asked.

"A friend who will deal with this."

"Deal, how?" she inquired.

"We are not in the business of killing humans, so get that thought out of your head," he growled, "My friend might be able to erase the memories, manually and you can go back to your normal life."

"Normal, right, having the same dream every night is normal," she said, dryly.

"You mentioned that, a faceless vampire."

"Yes, and before tonight, it was just a fantasy dream," she said, quietly, putting her face in her hands.

She felt a presence next to her and she looked up and noticed that Alec was in front of her, sitting in his office chair.

"May I?" he asked.

"May you what? You already drank from me without my consent," she growled.

"See your dream," he said.

"Do what you wish."

He went still as he searched through her mind for the dream she spoke of. It seemed obvious to him, that this particular dream was taunting her and it had been for quite some time. He stayed still for a few minutes longer before he came back to reality.

"Interesting, and this is before you met me?" he asked.

"Before you, before the club. I've had the same dream for several years now; no details indicating who the vampire is or anything else."

"I saw that," he admitted.

"So, now what? Maybe that's why I remember," she sighed, looking him in the eyes, "Maybe you can't wipe my memories."

"That may be possible."

There was a knock on the door then and a small slender man came into the room, he wore glasses and was elderly looking.

"Don't let his looks deceive you, he's younger than he looks," Alec chuckled, "Dennis, my old friend."

"Not here for friendship, you called me on business."

"Yes, here is the human who has her memories still," he said, pointing to Jesse.

Dennis examined Jesse, looked her up and down and then walked up to her. He placed his hand on her forehead and then turned to look at Alec.

"For whatever reason, this girl cannot lose her memories. I'm afraid you'll either have to kill her or make her your pet," Dennis said, unamused at his findings.

"Seriously?" Alec asked.

"I'm dead serious."

"Thanks, Dennis."

"Goodnight, Alec," he said, starting to leave, then looked at Jesse, "Sorry pet, rules are rules," he finished, leaving the room and closing the door behind him.

"Kill me or make me your pet? What am I? A dog?" Jesse growled, standing up and starting to leave, but before she could, Alec was in front of her.

"You can't just leave," he sighed, "You already know to much."

"Not like anyone is going to believe me," she hissed, glaring at him.

"As Dennis said, rules are rules," he said, coldly.

"So, that's it? You're going to kill me?" she said, backing up.

"What else?" he asked, walking towards her, backing her into the desk.

"What is a pet?" she asked, her voice shaking.

"Far worse than death," he answered, closing the gap between them.

"How so?" she asked, trying to control her fear.

"You no longer have freedom," he said, gripping her chin.

"Don't I get to have a choice?" she asked, her voice cracking from fear.

"No, but if you were, what would you choose?" he asked, tilting her head.

"I would choose to live, even if that means no freedom," she said, quietly.

She watched as he yet again, brought his fangs to her throat, breathing hot air onto her neck, she shivered as she feared the worst was coming. That was it, all because she knew of their existence, her existence was over. This was definitely unfair, and she wished she never agreed to go out with her friends. If she had just stayed home like she did every weekend, she wouldn't be in the mess and have her life taken from her.

"You don't understand what that means," he purred, scraping his fangs along her neck, sending shivers down her body.

"Please, I'm begging you," she breathed, "It can't be any worse than what I've lived through."

Alec held her for a moment, thinking on her words. He wasn't entirely sure what she meant by that, but it sparked an interest.

"Fine, I'll keep you as a pet then," he said, releasing her chin, and grabbing her arm.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

She watched as he pressed his fingernail into her skin, causing her to wince. He then carved a small symbol into her skin. He then bent down and sucked on the wound he made until the bleeding stopped. When he moved his head, Jesse saw a symbol of a dagger.

"This is my pet mark. No vampire other than me can have you as a pet. By being a vampire pet, you follow our rules, which means, no telling humans of our existence."

"What about my life?" she asked, rubbing the mark.

"You can still do whatever it is you do, however, if I call, you must come."

"Just like a dog?" she growled.

"Not entirely. I will refrain from calling you while you are at work, to avoid suspicion," he said.

"Anything else I should know about?"

"Yes, the words you said earlier," he started, "'Do what you wish', I believe is what you said, well, with being a pet, you cannot refuse anything I ask of you," he said, a grin crossing his face.

"By anything, you mean?" she started.

Before she could finish her sentence, Alec wrapped his arm around her waist, while his other hand, found its way between her legs, cupping her.

"Anything," he purred into her ear.

"You can't be serious," she shivered.

"Oh, but I am dead serious," he answered, pressing his fingers to her clit, causing her to shiver even more.

"This is madness," she hissed.

"Depends on how you look at it," he said.

"Let go of me," she growled, trying to pull away.

"Are you regretting being a pet already?"

"You never told me what that would mean," she growled, struggling to get away.

"I figured you were smart enough to figure that out on your own."

"I said, let go," she snapped, pushing harder on him.

He released her, but she lost her balance and fell back into the armchair. Alec trapped her between the armchair and his body as he trailed kisses from the top of her neck, to her exposed shoulder.

"Fun fact, vampires have wicked sex drives," he purred.

She shivered as she felt one of his hands go underneath her shirt, to cup her breast. He trailed kisses from her neck, to her chin and then capture her lips with his. He forced his tongue into her mouth, and began dancing with her tongue. She knew better than to bite his tongue, that would piss him off and he would probably kill her, but she certainly didn't want this. She felt his other hand unbuttoning her jeans and she could hear her jeans zipper, being undone. Fear began to consumer her as the realization hit her and there was no way she could escape this. He released her lips and trailed more kisses down her throat, scraping his fangs along the way. He then stopped, and pulled back.

"My office is really no place for this, and your apartment is small," he simply said, ignoring the fear in her eyes, "We'll continue this at my place," he finished, getting up and leaving the office.

Completely sure of what his intentions were, Jesse tried the door and realized he locked it. She could hear him coming back up and she went back to the chair and stayed still.

"Come on," he gestured to her.

She refused to move from where she was. Alec walked up to her and to her surprise, he swung her over his shoulder and headed out the door. He went down the stairs, with Jesse fighting him along the way and went out the back door. She tried getting him to put her down, but he refused. He threw her into the back seat of a car and went in after her. He then gestured for the driver to go and he began to drive. Jesse was beside herself, with the way this guy was treating her, she was a human being, not something that someone could toss around. Then she thought about it, he wasn't a human, he was a vampire. He was treating her more like prey than like an equal. She sat on the seat beside him, but was curled up, in case he tried to make a move, but he didn't stir, until the car came to a stop and he grabbed her wrist and dragged her out of the car. Once out of the car, Jesse was looking at a huge, newly built house, more like a mansion. Geez, she knew the guy was rich, but come on. As she was staring, he forced her to follow him inside.

Once inside, a housemaid greeted them and the scurried off to wherever she was going. Jesse tried to get Alec to let go, but he refused. He continued to drag her behind him. they went up a staircase and to the third room on the second floor. Once inside, Alec closed the door, and threw Jesse onto the bed. He then jumped on top of her and held her there.

"The housemaid isn't a pet, but she is oblivious to what I am," he explained.

"Get off of me!" she snapped, trying to move.

It was futile, Alec had her pinned and he was far to heavy for her to push him off. She watched as he pulled his shirt off, exposing his gorgeous godlike body. She became terrified as the realization hit her that there was no way out of this. She was at his mercy and had no say about any of it. She continued to watch as he pulled her shirt over her head. He then wrapped one hand around her back and unclipped her bra. He grabbed the material and tossed it off the bed, allowing her pale luscious breasts to be exposed to him. She shivered, frightened at what he intended to do to her. He dipped down and took one of her breasts into his mouth. He used his tongue and played with her nipple for a while.

"Please, stop," she begged, her voice filled with fear.

He didn't stop, instead, she felt one of his hands, undoing her jeans again, and pulling them off. Fear consumed her and she realized there was no escaping. She felt his hand go under the waistband of her panties, and cup her clitoris, causing her to release an involuntary moan. He brought his head up from her breast, and started kissing her throat.

"I don't think your body wants me to stop," he purred, plunging two fingers into her vagina.

She arched her back and let out another involuntary moan as his fingers began a slow rhythm, going in and out of her. The slow rhythm went from slow, to fast and then slow again, causing her to squirm underneath him. He continued kissing her throat, and trailed those kisses up and down her neck and stomach, causing shivers to go through her. She then felt his hand leave her vagina, only to have it remover her underwear. She heard him undoing another zipper and she knew full well, it was his own jeans. She tried to move, but he grabbed her wrists and held them above her head.

"Please Alec, I'm a virgin," she begged.

He still ignored her as she felt him kick off his own jeans. She felt him wedge her legs opens and position himself. She then watched as he used his other hand, to position her hips, so that it was easier access for him. She couldn't stop watching him, she watched as he rubbed his hard penis on her clitoris, causing her to have waves of shivers go through her body. Something about him, had her watching everything he was doing, as much as she wished this wasn't happening, she knew there wasn't really any choice. He had marked her as his pet, and she had agreed. She gave up her free will, her freedom when she agreed to this. The realization finally hit her that she no longer had a say in what happened to her when it came to Alec. She looked at him as he pressed himself to her opening, and forced himself deep inside of her, causing her to gasp, not in pain, but in pleasure. He released her wrists and started thrusting, fast and hard inside of her. With each thrust, she let out a moan of pleasure. He continued to thrust, but as he did, he bent down and took a breast into his mouth, and bit down, hard. She could feel him feeding from her breast, it hurt, a lot more than him biting her neck, but she couldn't stop him, she couldn't say no. He released her breast and trailed kisses back to her throat; he then sank his fangs into her throat and began to suck.

After a few minutes, Jesse felt the room spinning, she figured he'd taken a lot of her blood, either that, or she was having explosions of pleasure that were making her dizzy. She felt his fangs release her neck, felt his body moving faster, before he stopped and released everything he had, inside of her. She then felt him collapse on top of her, breathing hard.

"That was incredible," he breathed.

Jesse said nothing, she didn't know what to say. Everything including her body, was taken away from her, all because she couldn't have her memories wiped. She closed her eyes and wished this night had never happened. She felt him get off of her, but she also felt him lifting her. She really didn't want to have a second round. She heard one door open and after a few minutes, heard another door open. She then felt herself being put down on a soft bed, but she also felt him lie down next to her. She felt him pull her to his chest and then she heard him slowly breathing. He must have fallen asleep, she thought.

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