Blood Magic’s Bond Book

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Blood Magic’s Bond


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"Tasha..." She turned. He was right behind her and they stood so close that she could smell him. It was intoxicating. She hadn't realized how much she had loved the smell of him until having gone without it for so long. "We can't be here for long, people will start to wonder-" "You have no idea how much I missed you." He stepped even closer to her. She was almost holding her breath. "I thought about you every day. You're even more beautiful than I remember." He reached up and ran his hand through the hair that framed her face, her eyes closing involuntarily at his touch. "Calder, you know we can't." She had had every intention of simply getting him alone to speak with him, to search inside him while he opened up to her, but her mind was having a hard time focusing and all she wanted was to feel more of his touch. "I spent five years with nothing to keep me going through the hardest trials of my life but the thought of seeing you again," his hand touched her cheek. "holding you in my arms, kissing you." His thumb trailed across her lips and every fiber of her being felt like it would burst into flame. His eyes, like the ocean, looked into her soul, his body standing over her, so close she could feel the heat of him, and it made her yearn for more. "Please, it's forbidden." Her voice was barely a whisper. He looked at her for a moment, taking her in, his eyes searching over her lips that were slightly open, her eyes that danced with flames of desire. "I don't care." ------------------------- The young sorceress Astasha had only wanted to settle in with a small coven and start an apothecary. Now she finds herself in the service of the king as the fire witch of his Royal Magic Advisory, and in love with his son, the one true heir to the throne. But their love is forbidden and when a demon threatens to destroy everything she holds dear, she must use the fire within to save the man she loves and his kingdom.


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