93 Hold On

"Sir elf, we really have to go!!" urged the white uniformed lady, the expression on her face clearly showed her emotion.

The middle-aged lady, the one with short hair that exuded an extraordinary aura, introduced herself to Tristan as Reika. She was one of the Kingsblade's captains, which meant she was no ordinary person.

At the moment, she was standing together with her squad right behind her. An impatient look was seen on her face, as Tristan told her he needed a moment to take care of something before he left with them.

In her mind, the annoyance of her was justifiable as nothing was more important than her king. She wondered what was so important that could make Tristan risk the king's wrath for waiting.

Well, if Tristan could hear what she was currently thinking, he would definitely answer it, in his mind as well.

Blood Essence.

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