1 Prologue

Them, who are 'them'? Beasts in human form, monsters of great impurity, people that take the lives of others without a single thought or consideration, the scourge upon the land, its fall and its demise, yet why do they still live in our world?

None knows why yet all know one thing, 'they' need to die, 'they' need to be obliterated and exiled from this peaceful land. They are but a calamity sent by the God of death to destroy the humans for having once crossed him. They are the promised end to all and are what will end this race if they are kept alive anymore.

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Though hated and feared, there is one type of these humanoid beasts that is most loathed.

The hybrids. If for once a human and one of these scourges mate, their offspring -if they manage to reproduce- will be the end result of a most hated being in both worlds, the hybrids; are exiled from both parties left to die and killed at birth if they were ever brought to this world.

Why? Simple, because unlike 'them' who can only use blood magic. The offspring can manage to use both the human magic and 'their' magic. Yet why would one decide to kill something so talented? Able to wield multiple sources of magic?

First, for the human world, using blood magic is strictly forbidden. In addition, its usage is paid in blood, death awaits any that uses 'Their' magic. As for the other part, these heinous creatures are but a demon set upon the land, easily fooled by power and can grow to feast upon others for sustenance, Unlike 'Them' who can manage their urges, these hybrids are unable to hide their thirst for blood and carnage. Probably their weak willed human nature is disabling their power over their urges. But how can a human have a will of a beast if in their own nature their will is unparalleled? Does this mean that humans have less will power than mindless beasts (mind you I speak about 'them' when I say beasts)?

It is unknown, and rare are those that can identify the reason behind this contradiction. Simply catching these hybrids, dissecting them is not enough to know what is their weakness, no one can understand the reason behind their cravings, and more so, even if they are left without blood while they crave it most, they do not die.

Yet why do they need it? For sustenance? I doubt it, perhaps a passing whim. However, the researchers had shown that if they were to be kept from blood they would only turn more vicious, more powerful and harder to control.

What is most dangerous is their ability to hide within society, unlike 'them' who are easily distinguished by the redness of their eyes the black veins on their bodies, the Hybrids are an exact replica of a human, magic can not distinguish them, they only show their true nature in the presence of blood. Once in contact or in the process of consuming it, their red eyes show, and their body shudders while black veins pop out on every inch of their body.

Now, in every part of the city, its gates, the schools, also within the government establishments, a blood orb is present, which is responsible for checking every human entry, placing one's hand over it is enough to verify their 'humanity'. If one is proved to be unhuman, then their death awaits…

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