1 Prologue

- A long time ago

The moment the tenth body hit the ground Hiro wailed, the silver arrow piercing through his shoulder, burning. The second one clipped his right leg and he fell to bended knee. There was a time when Darklings could run free, not giving a shit who they killed and who they indulged in. The Nightlings said the rules were put in place to ensure Vampires could survive. Humans had become their biggest threats.

Humans are no match for us. It didn't matter how others saw it, to Hiro Humans were just dinner.

Hiro pulled at the arrow, sinking his fangs into his bottom lip. He let them hear him cry out once, it wouldn't happen a second time. The arrow eased out, the spot healing instantly. He shook off the last bit of pain when he stood.

"Where are you?" he sang. Someone other than the humans was going to die tonight. It wasn't going to be him.

He clawed into his palm. When the scent hit the air, no one would stand a chance.

"Don't try something stupid," A makeshift mask covered the woman's nose and mouth. Her bow and arrow were aimed at Hiro. She had been tracking them for nearly three days, following the piles of bodies they left in every city.

"Are you their enforcer now?" He never thought he'd be betrayed by a friend, especially one he had always considered a sister.

"And I never thought I'd have to put one down," she had always been able to read him.

He smiled. It was one that would send a chill down the spine of even the scariest of creatures.

From behind she was clipped. Her head throbbing, but not as bad as when they tore her mask. She grabbed at the grass, a last attempt to fill her lungs with clean air. There was only one of them that wore red combat boots and he always favored crushing hands.

"Nice to see you again, P'An. You're as beautiful as I remember." He pressed harder.

An had more pressing concerns than a broken hand. She brought her free one to press her nose shut and clenched her lips together. She only had to hold on for a few more minutes. Long enough for Max to make his appearance.

Sylar whistled.

Innocent Max. That's normally what people thought when they met him. His baby face the perfect object to entice people. He lured the humans and when he had his fill, he'd hand them off. Out of the three, he had to be the most dangerous.

"Somethings off," Max was also the smartest. "She'd never be stupid enough to hunt us down alone."

He looked around. He squinted his eyes, his vision enhancing. Every critter on every leaf, every grain of dirt, he saw them clear as day. He looked past the trees, the boots moving in quicker.

"Ambush!" he yelled, grabbing An and using her for their shield.

Silver bullets, silver arrows they even went as far as using silver knives. A few hit them, not enough to make damage. The group had come prepared, they knew this battle was going to lead to some bloodshed and the masks would come in handy. There wouldn't be any Nightlings within a one hundred radius from them. That they would have ensured of. Each family would be locked away in their homes.

"There's no point in fighting. You're not walking away from here," they should have known where An went David wasn't far behind.

"What do you plan to do with us?" If Hiro had known what the answer was going to be, he wouldn't have asked the question in the first place.

"Trap you."

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From every side, arrows pierced them. With the second one, Max let An go. David was at her side before the final arrows struck. Men jumped in and pinned the three to the ground. They could barely move with all the silver in their body. David placed a spare mask on An's face and once she was able to level her breathing, she stood.

"You could have spared yourself the misery if only you kept to the laws." An wanted nothing more but to torture them there. They'd be locked away forever and for any vampire that was torture enough. "Take them."

She watched as they were pulled from the ground. Hiro smirked at her.

"I'll be coming for you." He told her as they shoved him along.

"It's over!" She yelled. She wasn't sure how many more of these arrests they'd have to make. She prayed that the Darklings would adhere to the laws and she'd eventually be able to live a quiet existence.

"This may be the last one for you," David read her mind. He brought his hand up to her stomach. She'd only found out a few days ago about the pregnancy. It was rare for Nightlings to conceive, so An and David took it as their miracle. "There will be others. Right now, most important is to take care of yourself and this little one."

She placed her hand over his. They placed their foreheads together, her black curls between their eyes when they looked at each other. They'd had plans to leave all of this behind. A Pure Vampire child was unusual and unheard of. They couldn't foresee who or what would come after them if they stayed and raised the child in Thailand. So they'd go to the US with David's family and live as humanly as they could.

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