Blood and tears

Author: Amandakim30
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What is Blood and tears

Read ‘Blood and tears’ Online for Free, written by the author Amandakim30, This book is a Fantasi Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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Thousand of years ago majority of the human race were transformed into something extraordinary, and they can perform a lot of supernatural fits which are impossible for humans. As the world began advancement, they were able to study the power and other humans could now learn them. It was later known as a BLOODLINE. Technology advanced at a very high rate, where you can now find different types of gadget and machinery........ A young boy of the age of 17 years named Stefan Orton in a modern world where your power level (Bloodline Status) matters a lot. He was born with the power of a legendary beast with different abilities (DRAGON). He was a very talented hafling that grew to become an unstoppable force. He was brave, strong and vicious but also has a kind soul, but that didn't last cause every thing changed. After encountering a being. Something happened that made him loose his kind soul and became brutal (REINCARNATION OF HIS......... So let's watch out and see how Stefan embark on his journey of life and find out about his LEGENDARY TRANSFORMATIOM (Bloodline).......... And we will also find out if with all the power he was able to acquire he will use it to support the humans to fight against the vicious aliens that exist to only cause carnage or.................. ***************** (Realese of 1 chapter daily)so be on standby. The cover isn't mine if the owner has a problem with it please personally Dm me. The book may have a couple of amateur writing at the beginning, but it would get better as we go on.

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