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Alice Vianney Reksa is the biological daughter of the Reksa family. But unfortunately, Alice is framed by Dena Vianney Reksa, the adopted daughter of the family who is even more loved than Alice herself. Dena traps Alice by putting aphrodisiacs in Alice's drink on their school farewell night. For Alice to be trapped and sleep with the homeless man that Dena had paid for. But unfortunately, Dena's plan failed, because Alice did not sleep with a homeless man but with a handsome and rich man whom Alice did not know who was. Since the incident that hot night, Alice is pregnant and it is recognized by Alden, Alice's lover, as his biological child. However, when Alice's womb grows, Alice knows that Alden only feels sorry for her and reveals that Alden has only loved Dena all this time. Because of anger, Alice left Alden and Dena and had an accident until the baby in her womb died. Alice's life changes after she is expelled abroad to cover up the family's disgrace. There, Alice met Black Jack, a mafia leader who managed to change Alice's life. How is the continuation of the story of Alice who wants to take revenge on her family and ex-lover? Will Alice be reunited with the mysterious man she spent the night with in the past? Come on click this story and happy reading! *** Good news... BLOCKED LOVE will not be transferred to the BLOCKED LOVE 2 book, so you can all enjoy Alice's story and everything in this book only. *** Alice's revenge on those who hurt her is over. She had also been living happily with Sean and their children. But who would have thought, that happiness did not go smoothly when the eternal enemy of the Black Dragon came and disturbed the peace of the Garendra family. The leader of Eagle Murphy comes back and sneaks between the Sanjaya family who will establish a relationship with the Garendra family through Troy Garendra's engagement with Mona Sanjaya. At the same time, one big fact came to light as the days progressed with complexity. And to unravel every past complicated relationship between Black Jack and the leader of Eagle Murphy, Alice, and Sean, and their families must be willing to sacrifice tears and blood again. What will their story be like, let's follow the continuation of the story of Alice and Sean and their family in Volumes 4 and so on. You can also read works by other Knisa authors: 1. BRIDE OF MASTER HYBRID 2. MY ROOMMATE IS A GHOST (Every day) 3. BETWEEN CEO AND SINGLE MOM 4. THE YOUNG WIDOW AND THE MAN FROM THE PAST So, don't be bored waiting for my updates because there are still many works for you to read. Big Love to you guys, and happy reading!!!


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