Blindside Book

novel - Fantasy



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Xander Hunt, an ex army medic blinded in his last tour, is summoned and transported to another world along with his service dog, a German Shepard named Damage. The King of the land Xander was summoned to sees the blind Xander as not only a failure but a waste of effort and resources so he’s exiled to a rural elf village that is said to be cursed by a plague. Using all of his medical skills and knowledge from the modern age, Xander not only cures the entire village but also it’s guardian that dwelled in the forest nearby. For his act of kindness, Xander is granted two gifts from the guardian, sight, which comes in the form of phytochromes. A form of photoreceptors similar to eyes that plants use to “see” and a seedling. With a new lease on life, Xander along with his service dog Damage, travel about this new and exciting world taking in the sights and helping out where they can as they go about their new journey.


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