1 Death

Normal people would be afraid of death but for me I was quite happy to die , I was a free spirit and longed freedom , being born in a world filled with wars or stupid people in huge numbers no one could escape its inevitable sheer stupidity of some idiots and also war

All I ever wanted to do was go to some remote place and live a comfortable life without the need of me taking life's from people

My family were never the kind that thought too much or can be said to be plain dumb and the only thing they were good at was war and all my family were dead too by the mechanization of the country my family loved very much ,we were an unstable element for them so they tossed us to the wolf's , still those soldiers just gave us a nice evil villain speech just so we would know .we were already poisoned but as the last act of desperation we activated the skill we were known for the madness of asura the unyielding anger also helped but they fired fucking acid guns ,well they were planned though they too were killed by us and after the battle only I was left i didn't know when I got back my clarity i only had one hand the other melted and when I looked down my feet was also cut by wires I was on my last breath I wished for the stillness of death so that I can finally rest , I hated the damn politicians who did it to my family I hated a lot of things

Then a cute little girl walked through all the fire and gore that is my family with a smile and came near me .

I thought I must be either hallucinating or she might be there to take me to hell so a demon and then she told me to have fun and kissed my cheeks I was finally dead

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