Blind Honour of an Uchiha
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Blind Honour of an Uchiha


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What is Blind Honour of an Uchiha

Blind Honour of an Uchiha is a popular fanfic written by the author Kindasus, covering NARUTO, UCHIHAMC, NARUTOFANFIC, UCHIHA, BLIND, Anime & Comics genres. It's viewed by 33.1K readers . The novel is being serialized to 5 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Itsuki, a blind Uchiha born on the Kyuubi massacre. Known as a disgrace to the clan and seen as more useless than the most useless person from the side branch. No-one needs a blind person to be a ninja, especially if its an Uchiha who are famous for their Kenkei Genkai, the Sharingan. As soon as the doctor notified his parents of him being blind, they disowned him immediately and left him to die. Fortunately, Mikoto Uchiha, wife of the head of the Uchiha clan took pity on him and adopted him. Seeing as Itsuki was born on 'that day' he had treatment nearly as worse as Naruto in his childhood, being beaten up and glared at. Soon enough, Naruto and Itsuki met each other, they found happiness in each other and became brothers in all but blood. Naruto always guided Itsuki because of his blindness and Itsuki, in return supported Naruto in everything


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Hi thao, nice fan fic you’ve got here. Can’t wait to see how the bond between Itsuki and Naruto grows. As a naruto fan, I am very pleased with how you let their story unfold. Looking forward to reading this story.


Más apresurado que la mierda, en el capítulo 1 dice que como es ciego tiene que poder sentir el chakra más fácil, pero en el capítulo no te dicen si sintió el chakra etc. En el cap 2 ya podía hacer taijutsu fácilmente y se convirtió en el primero y en el tres está entrenando con Anbu una mierda


Author here on annother account- Sorry, Ive lost my account and cant remeber the password or webnovel is not working for me, ill just post this fanfic on this account or maybe drop it


interesting story so far can't wait for more. uwksbxhxksmzbxhdimsbxhxudjsnzbdhjdkamzbxhdimabxhxudjsjsnbxjxjsjsisksbxhxokabzhxizksnbd


cool cool concept haven't seen one before thos........................................................................................................................


Very cool fan fiction. As for me of course not up to the Butterfly Uchiha. But compared to everything else it's beautiful


Buena historia tiene fue una gran idea recordemos que Madara hizo picadillo a los 5 kages sin sus ojos así que es fantástico desarrollar los sentidos humanos asta ser capaz de combatir de manera sensorial sería una buena trama sobre las naturalezas del chacra bueno creo que tres bastan como principales


Uhhhhhh it’s me! Just the author shamelessly giving myself a 5 star review which I don’t deserve but I need my pride to be big so I’ll still be able to make chapters. Anyways enjoy and leave a comment! This will be the only time I’ll be saying this All characters except mine belong to Masashi Kishimoto, do not be discouraged though and continue reading!


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