Blessed with a Curse! Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Blessed with a Curse!


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She's a VAMPIRE! He's a WEREWOLF! When Eva makes the mistake of falling right into his golden gaze, she uncovers some groundbreaking truths, which changes her life forever !!! ~~~~*****~~~~ Eva Brown is a shy introverted girl, who comes to Euphoria Townsville seeking a new life. She makes the mistake of trusting the wrong people, which leads to her demise. But, when she's on the verge of death, she learns a shocking truth!! The parents whom she thought were dead for over an year, are alive !! And, she must save them soon or would lose them forever. Ryan Wulfric is the Mightiest Alpha of Wintertails, and the Enigmatic king of the Magical realm. He is the coldest, most vicious man alive! He can command day or night, lightening or thunder in the flick of a finger. Nobody would dare to look him in the eyes or talk back at him. But, Eva learns that she will not be able to save her parents from their fate without his help. A help which is most demeaning to a King! How will she ever get this tyrant of a king to give her what she wants? Even if he agrees, what will be his price in return? *********************** [All credits of the cover belong to its rightful owner - no intentions of copyright defragmentation. If asked to remove, will do so.]


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