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Read Bleeding Heaven novel written by the author Rushakh on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, magic, weaktostrong, dark. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In the beginning, a single being existed in the world. that being was neither a man nor a woman, such things didn't apply to that being. after eons passed, the being gradually formed a consciousness. Time passed and the being grew bored and used a sound to link it to that meaning and gradually formed a language but alas the being was alone and wished to have someone to converse with and then it happened, the first of the beings that were created but destroyed by out of boredom. the being created many things, learned many things but grew bored of them all and one day he blew its own soul and body to relieve its eternal boredom. out of that being's power and magic, gods and worlds were born and some of them acquired a piece of that being's soul. one received anger, one received hatred, one received kindness, and others received some parts as well. Using the powers of those souls and their bodies, they became gods and soon they grew bored too and used a piece of their souls and powers to create lesser beings. Elves, dwarves, dragons, Elementals, beasts, and so on. Magic was everywhere and all of the gods' creations could perceive and use it to a degree The world became filled with those beings and many other races living under the rule of their gods. they were all powerful in their own way, they either had a powerful body or had strong magical abilities. And among all these races, one existed that was neither strong in body nor gifted with magic...Humanity. Being weak beyond compare, they were enslaved by all races when they first appeared suffering under their masters' cruelty. But what could they do? Rebel? Run away? No, they could not rebel because they were weak, they could not escape because they were weak, and because they were weak they remain slaves. This story is about one such human who tries to break his chains of slavery and acquire freedom. His life is one of suffering and misery. The only thing that can make him free is power, absolute power to stand against the world and it's gods but how can one become powerful in this world without a powerful body or being able to perceive magic. ***This is my first book and I would appreciate your reviews. English is not my first language but I'll try my best to post chapters that contain few mistakes.


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Shameless author here. Ofc I believe my story is really good. What did you expect ;D But srsly the start of this story will be more about the world's setting there will be the character development but I believe there will need to be a good understanding of how this world works, for better development. I don't like the idea of plot armor very much and will try to not use it. anything that happens that you might think is related to plot armor can be explained rationally or might be related to something that has yet to surface in the story. My native language is not English so if you find any parts that might not make sense, tell me and I'll fix it. While I like to write and publish everyday, I cant. Im always busy with work and university so updates will be slow but ill try to at least release one chapter a week. Thank you for reading my story and don't forget to leave a review or comment.


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