1 Chapter 1 : Bleach System

System: Ding! Congrats!! Host Has Successfully Integrated Into The Character Ichigo Kurosaki. Please Wait As The System Booting In Your Soul...

System: Booting Success! Welcome to the Anime Realm Bleach!!! Host Has Died In Your Previous Life Trying To Save Someone From Bullies And You Were Selected To Be Brought Here At The Role Of The Main Character Of This Realm Ichigo Kurosaki During it's Time In the Womb Of His Mother!!!!

System: As A Welcome Gift, The System Would Like To Gift You 10,000 Soul Points And Three Lottery Tickets!

Ichigo thought "Eh? I thought I died, why am I in a dark place I can't see?"

Ichigo thought "And What Is That Eh!! System - Boot - Character - Role - Points - Tickets Ehhhhh WTF is Happening!!!!!"

System: Would You Like The System To Repeat The Introduction?

Ichigo thought " Wh... this voice again!!!!!! xmmm, let's see"....."make it simple???"


System: You Died And And Was Given A Chance To Live As Ichigo In this Realm With Me <THE BLEACH SYSTEM> As A Guide...

Ichigo: "So that's what it is.." said understanding extremely fast what the current situation he was in.

Instead of feeling grief or misery, Ichigo instead felt happy and excited. He led a previous boring life as an average man so suddenly getting tossed into this situation brought about excitement and anticipation.

Ichigo: "System, how can I use my privilege?"

System: There Are 5 Main Interfaces In This System 1. <Status> 2. <Skills> 3. <Store> 4. <Inventory> 5. <Quest> Some Main Interface Has A Few Subs Interface!!!!

Ichigo: "I see... You mean like in the Interface <Quest> there are two columns for main quest and sub quest right??"

System: Host is Correct!!!!!!

Ichigo: "Then let's see my stats..... <Status>

After yelling for the interface Ichigo found that a fairly big screen popped up in front of him with letters and numbers.....


Name: Ichigo Kurosaki (Xiaolan Sora)

Age: 8 months

Level: 0

Stamina: 8/8

Attack: 2/2

Defence: 2/2

Focus: 100/100

Spiritual Pressure: 100/100

Affiliation: Human - ???? - ????


Ichigo "Looks like i'll be way too OP... in the future"

System: No Comment!!!!!


After a little bit of looking, Ichigo started feeling way too excited and then remembered about the tickets and the points he got as a welcome gift...

Ichigo "Come to think of it let's check the store.... <Store>"

Then another window popped up in front of him with countless skills weapons medicines and others.... while he was looking he saw in the corner of the window around roulette.... he tried to press it and then it was enlarged and started spinning.... 1 second .... 5 second and after 20 or so seconds it stopped only to hear the System saying....


System: Ding!! Congrats Host For Obtaining 1000 <Soul Enriching Pills>...!!!!!!!!!!!!

System: Ding!! Congrats Host For Obtaining <Book Of Hado Arts 91 : Senjū Kōten Taihō>

System: Ding!! Congrats Host For Obtaining <Book Of Hado Arts 31 : Shakkahō>


Ichigo was speechless he didn't expect to get 2 powerful arts and a huge number of pills he has no idea what they do... they might be trash to gain that many...

System: Host Can't Learn Yet Those Arts Because You Have Yet Become A Shinigami... Furthermore Due To The Integration Of The Original Soul And Host Soul The Other Powers May Be Different Than What Host Knows...

Ichigo while is frustrated when he heard the first part... He was Kinda Excited to find what kind of change will he cause from the original story...

Ichigo "Perhaps I should chase the girls like everyone else." he thought.... well that's for the future till then let's wait to be born first.....

And so Ichigo totally forgot about his Soul Points and waited till the fated day he was born and came officially in this world as a baby with general knowledge of the original BLEACH series...

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