Bleach DxD: Tri-King Kazui
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Bleach DxD: Tri-King Kazui


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What is Bleach DxD: Tri-King Kazui

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Kazui Kurosaki, son of the Shinigami Daigo Ichigo Kurosaki, Hero of the winter war and thousand year blood war. Now that he is a 1st year in highschool, he decides to transfer schools out of town, being accepted in the newly co-ed Kuoh High, he is dragged into it's many controversial situations. But underneath his bubbly persona, who hides deep within? "9 years, and the King shall return, this time, fate will abide."


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4 stars just cause long ass chp with decent eng and a decent plot. BUT man ur bk be retarded. -If MC was trained since young age how the hell wouldnt he not know about devils? its stupid..parents would obviously tell him everything. [meaning basic info]...its retarded -Dude, bleach and dxd very different worlds, powerwise, bleach is better,and they have more hax abilities...unless u bridge em, which is kinda impossible ur story is fked -MC is strong as start ichigo, u said it [lets assume he is rukia retrieval arc ichigo,,,weakest ichigo...] ...this should more or less be weakest at high ultimate class and strongest at satan class,,,ichigo is overpowered, his son should be even more so, considering he is his son and has trained properly....I mean ichigo with in a couple weeks training was matching a century old byakuya and vice captains....ur MC better be stupid OP but it seems u neutered him considering this dude couldnt sense ****...thats retarded.. -MC is too young,,,him being a middle school is a bad starting age, cause for obvious reasons. might be judging too soon but ur bk has some retarded ****, idk, obviously I am judging too soon, will read but eh....signs are signs


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