1 Beginning of the Bizarre Adventures

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Inside a dimly lit room, a young man could be seen sitting with a glass of wine in his right hand. Staring out of the window, gazing at the moon. Moonlight shining down onto him, making him a lot more handsome than usual.

He had long blonde hair tied into a ponytail and green eyes. Said young man was also wearing a purple jacket with a white shirt inside, white gloves, a brown belt, gray pants, and brown boots.

His name was Otto Apocalypse, the Overseer of Schicksal. He was already 500 years old but was still alive until now because of a promise. A promise he gave to his childhood sweetheart, someone whom he had failed to protect.


The door creaked open, and a figure walked into the room. Having red hair and amber eyes. His red hair was kept short, ruffled, and spiked, with two strands of hair near the opposite sides of his head falling over his face, as well as distinct sideburns.

"You better have some good excuse to wake me up from my sleep," The young man gruffed, scratching the back of his head while yawning.

Otto blinked his eyes in confusion.

"Although it isn't even 7 P.M yet?"

"You know me," The newcomer grumbled.

Only then did Otto realize how much of an idiot he was. He had known this guy for over 10 years, yet he always forgot that this guy was as lazy as a sloth.

"Take a seat, my friend," Otto gestured for the man to sit on a chair in front of him.

Otto opened his mouth but before he could say anything, the young man asked "Mind telling me why are you staying in a dark room like this? Your eyes won't be able to handle it."

Otto was at a loss for words but just smiled wryly. He knew that even if his friend had that uncaring look on his face, he still cared deeply for his friends.

Ah… maybe he was what those youngsters called a "Tsundere".

"Because I want to look intimidating," He joked with a laugh. "But seriously, why are you not wearing your uniform," Otto raised his eyebrow, looking at his friend up and down. "Don't tell me you are slacking off again," he added while pointing at his friend's outfit consisting of black, leather jacket and dark blue, denim jeans.

"It's nearly 7 P.M." The redhead tried to explain.

"And your job requires you to work until 8 P.M," Otto deadpanned at his friend.

"Anyway, what do you wanna tell me? You sounded very urgent on the phone," The young man tried to change the subject with small sweatdrops hanging from his temple.

"Ah yeah, about that…," Otto scratched his cheek.

"What's up with you and your dimly lit room fetish?" The room suddenly lit up and the two friends saw a girl with bluish-purplish hair walking toward them.

"Fu Hua," The redhead nodded and gave a small wave, acknowledging her presence.

"Mikoto," Fu Hua also nodded back at her student.

"Welcome back, old friend. How was it?" Otto asked Fu Hua about the task he gave her before coming here.

"Needs a little furnishing but I think it's good enough to take flight," The Ex-MANTIS replied, taking a seat at the empty chair near the two men. And both of them started talking about the task she had finished.

Mikoto looked at the other two, not knowing what they were talking about. "Guys…" he grumbled.

"Oh right, sorry," Otto coughed, turning his head back toward Mikoto.

*Sniff* *Sniff*

Fu Hua sniffed, trying to smell something in the air. And her eyes suddenly widened, "Mikoto, you stopped smoking?!" She exclaimed with an apparent shock on her face.

Otto immediately stood up and staggered backward with an unbelievable look on his face. "What?! Mikoto stopped smoking?!" Otto was shocked. This friend of his started smoking when he was at his legal age. And no one could stop that habit of his, not even his master. "Who are you and what have you done with my friend?!" Otto pointed his finger at Mikoto.

Looking at the antics of the two, Mikoto could do nothing but sigh. He knew they would do anything to get under his skin, so he had already prepared for this. "My goddaughter is already 3 years old," he started. "I can't let her smell tobacco at such a young age," Mikoto added while scratching his head.

"Oh right, she's already at that age, eh? Time flies," Otto nodded, gaining deadpan stares from his two friends. From Mikoto because a 500+ years old dude is talking about how time passes quickly. A stare from Fu Hua is because she knew exactly what Otto was trying to do.

Noticing their stares, "Don't look at me. We all know who is the oldest in this room," he said while taking a seat. Mikoto flinched at the fuck up and shook his head. Otto and his death-seeking tendency. Fu Hua said nothing and put this debt into the note she has on her.

"Are we done goofing around? Now, tell me why I was called here," Mikoto asked with a bored tone. He came here quickly because he was called by his friend even though he was still sleeping. He needed to go back quickly and sleep more.

Both Otto and Fu Hua looked at each other and sighed. They knew exactly what their friend/student was thinking as they had known him for over ten years.

"I… we want to ask for your help," Otto broke the silence. "Your ability to travel through different Bubble Universes to be precise," he added while leaning forward.

Mikoto's expression immediately became serious after hearing that. From the look of it, he knew the seriousness of the situation.

"Continue," Mikoto said.

"You remember the Second Eruption that happened last year, right?" Otto asked his friend, earning a raised eyebrow from the said redhead.

"Yes," Mikoto nodded. "Babylon incident, correct? Don't you dare think that I had forgiven you for that," He stares intensely at Otto.

"Yes, I know and I don't hesitate to admit my fault for not noticing those idiots doing such experiments behind my back," Otto gritted his teeth. He still blamed himself for that incident. Because he failed to notice some of his subordinates doing such cruel experiments behind his back, over millions of people had died.

"So, what do you want me to do?" Mikoto asked, trying to get back Otto's attention when he noticed his friend was still blaming himself.

"But first, you remember I made contact with the Will of Honkai last year, right?" Otto asked and got a nod from the redhead.

"They poured a lot of information into my brain but I failed to glimpse at a fraction of it," Otto started. "But with the help of my old friend here, I was able to extract a spark of dust from all of that information," he added.

"And from what we had learned, the destruction of the worlds will be accelerated because of a certain someone," Fu Hua glared at the blonde.

"Okay, you got my attention. What happened?" Mikoto asked with a curious expression.

"Just for you to know, it was not me," Otto said, cutting in on the conversation.

"Because of a certain someone's selfish quest to bring back the dead, he had accelerated the destruction of said world," Fu Hua replied to Mikoto while still glaring daggers at Otto.

"Even I'm not that foolish. I love Kallen, yes. But I'm not THAT desperate to see her again," Otto sighed. "Imagine what Kallen would say if I brought her back with the cost of millions of lives. It would be a miracle if she doesn't kill herself again right then and there. But of course, not before killing all of my clones," He added.

"So, you didn't have such intentions?" Fu Hua asked.

"I did, actually. But it was back when I had yet to meet the Celestial. But now?" Otto shook his head. "I love her, I really do. But as I said, I'm not THAT desperate to see her again. I might try my luck after fulfilling my promise for her though," He continued with a chuckle.

In this world, Otto's love for Kallen is different. He wanted to meet her again. But he made an oath first. He won't try anything to bring back Kallen until he finally fulfilled the promise that he made in front of her grave. That promise is what made him keep going forward.

"What does the destruction of that world need to do with us? Many worlds are being deleted every day. That's hardly new," Mikoto glanced at the two, wanting to know the reason. "Moreover, if you get that information from Honkai, I am sorry but that world is doomed to get destroyed," He added with a bit of sympathy.

"I knew you might say that," Otto sighed. "But there is a reason why that world is important, Mikoto," He continued.

"After destroying that world, Honkai will set their eyes on nearby worlds, including our own," Fu Hua answered for him. "And both of us are sure that the Honkai won't move until the time they need to act. We have our own sources for that," She added while glancing toward the door.

*Knock* *Knock*

The three of them heard the sound of someone knocking on the door. After getting permission to come in, the door opened and a man who looked to be in his thirties walked in. He had indigo-colored hair and bright blue eyes.

"You are late, Welt," Mikoto said while glancing at the newcomer, earning deadpan stares from the other three in the room because of his hypocrisy. All of them knew that this redhead would make them wait for an hour unless someone urged him to come sooner. That is also why Otto called him an hour earlier than the others. But he only arrived just in time for the meeting.

"Sorry, I got held up by Einstein," The man replied and took a seat in the empty chair.

"So, even the 1st Herrscher is here," Mikoto sighed, thinking his chance for staying in this world is close to nil. He needed to work if he was going to be sent to another world… 'What a drag,' he thought.

"So, what's your plan?" Mikoto asked.

"We want you to travel through multiple Bubble Universes and gather allies," Otto started.

"You want me to gather allies just like those heroes from the fantasy games and anime?" Mikoto raised his eyebrow. "I think something went wrong with your brain after becoming the CEO of a fantasy game company," He deadpanned at the 500 years old man.

"I am serious about this, Mikoto," Otto replied with a serious tone. "I know how strong you are with your bizarre powers. You knowing how to use Kaslana Gun Kata is one of the seven mysteries of Schicksal," He continued.

"And Empyrean Sunder which only me and a few of my students know," Fu Hua said with a semi-hollow tone. She was shocked to see him using that skill last year. It was something she hadn't even shown him yet.

"And the way you handled the Oath of Judah," Added the 1st Herrscher.

"Yes, the way you handled the Oath of Judah," Otto nodded. "I haven't seen anyone who can lift that up aside from Kallen," He said to Mikoto with a knowing look.

"Are you guys telling me the plan or not?" The redhead grumbled.

"Well, to put it simply, we want you to gather your allies," Otto is back to his serious self again. "I know you are strong but I know my strength. That counterpart of mine will be stronger than me if he's that desperate for Kallen," he sighed and continued, "But, your safety is more important to us. We want to send someone to accompany you but you know what our current situation is."

"Great," Mikoto muttered. "Just great. Now, I have to do paperwork on my own," he growled.

"We are talking about your safety and that is what your problem is?" Fu Hua sighed. She never knew a new student she had decided to teach would be this lazy. No wait… she knew it all along.

"We take it that you agreed to find some allies," Welt stated to which Mikoto nodded.

"Alright," The 1st Herrscher sighed. "And I want you to be my successor," As soon as he said this, all eyes snapped toward him.

"Absolutely. Not," Mikoto replied instantly.

"Too much trouble. And I thought you had already chosen Joachim as your successor," He added.

"Yes, I did," Welt Joyce nodded.

"Then stick with the guy," The redhead insisted. "Don't worry, old man. I'll be fine," he knew exactly why Welt Joyce was offering him to become the next 1st Herrscher. The old man is worried about him, so he gave his offer to increase Mikoto's chance of survival when he was away from home.

Welt Joyce stared intensely at Mikoto, trying to make sure the young man was not lying. "Then, I will continue with my original choice," he finally nodded his head.

"We had prepared a battleship for you," Otto's words gained attention from Mikoto. "Since you will be going alone, I also added an AI to make sure you won't crash the battleship as soon as it launches," Otto chuckled.

"Oi, I'm not that bad," Mikoto growled.

"You have 3 days to prepare yourself, my friend." Meaning he will have 2 days to prepare himself and a day to say goodbye to his friends.

"If that is all then, I'll be going back to sleep," The redhead yawned. The other three in the room sighed and shook their heads at Mikoto's laziness.


The next day, Mikoto arrived in front of the house where his goddaughter was staying. After looking back at his attire, he huffed and rang the bell.


After waiting for a while, the door creaked open and the face of a white-haired man appeared at the door.

"Oh, Mikoto! Come in!" the man grinned and immediately welcomed Mikoto into the house. The man was Siegfried Kaslana, the man he had known since he was 15 years old.

The house wasn't big or large but it was perfect for a family of five. The man led Mikoto into the living room where a woman was playing with a white-haired little girl. Another girl was playing a game on a handheld console on a chair nearby. Mikoto's usually bored face formed a smile after seeing the scene.

"Who was… oh, Mikoto! Welcome!" The woman greeted him. As for the man, he went to the backside of the house to finish packing. The woman is Cecilia Schariac, the strongest Valkyrie of Schicksal. He got to know her through Siegfried. A kind woman who treated an orphan like him as her brother.

The girl who was sitting on a chair stopped whatever she was doing and approached Mikoto. "Human," She started, waiting for Mikoto to give her something. The girl had long purple hair and yellow eyes.

"Here it is, your favorite grilled wings," He gave her the package he was holding. The girl sniffed a little at the package and nodded. And with a haughty attitude, she went into the kitchen to put those grilled wings on the plate.

"You didn't need to bring anything, you know?" The woman sighed after seeing her daughter's attitude.

"Don't be like that, Cecilia. Sirin's a good girl, I think she deserves some rewards for that," Mikoto smiled. It was very difficult to tame the raging Sirin. 0 out of 10 will want to experience it again.

While talking with Cecilia, Mikoto noticed someone hugging his leg. A white ball of shining happiness was hugging him with a smile. "Uncle!" The bundle of joy in the form of a little girl laughed.

"Come here, Kiana," Mikoto carried the girl and put her on his shoulder. The girl laughed and started playing with his hair.

"Mama," The three of them noticed Sirin coming inside the room with a plate in her hand. Seeing her sister on the shoulder of the human, she placed the plate on the table and flew up to take back her sister from the man. But Kiana refused to get down from there. And a smirk from Mikoto made Sirin glare harshly at him.

Cecilia didn't say anything because she got used to the scene between a jealous sister and a greatly favored godfather. Sirin is jealous of Mikoto because Kiana loves him more than she loves her.

After putting Kiana to the ground, Mikoto asked, "Can you show me the way to the toilet? I wanna wash my face and restore my hairstyle." This is a new house and he was too busy (read: lazy) to visit the family.

"Oh, go straight from here and you will see the toilet on the left," Cecilia answered. Mikoto thanked her and went on his merry way.

"On the left, on the left, oh… I think this is the one," Mikoto opens the door and what greeted him was a bedroom filled with posters. It looks like a stalker's room as all the posters are printed from a hidden camera.

In the middle of the room, a girl with long light blue hair was rubbing her cheek against a poster. Mikoto looked amused with the scene.

"Bella," He started. The girl's body jolted and slowly turned her head toward him. Now, he can clearly see the image on the poster.

"Still worshiping Sirin, I see," he joked but before he got killed by Bella's fire, he quickly closed the door and dived into the bathroom.

After a while, Mikoto came out with his usual hairstyle. He noticed that the door of Bella's room is slightly burnt, meaning she quickly put it out before it became a problem.

When he got back, he saw Siegfried was back and looking at his daughter eating her grilled wings with a smile on his face. Adopted or not, for him, no matter what she had done, Sirin is another daughter for him to protect.

"I heard you'll be going on a long journey," He started when Mikoto took his seat. That got Sirin's attention and she looked at Mikoto with complicated emotions. What she was thinking right now is anyone's guess.

"Yeah," Mikoto sighed.

"Please take care, okay?" Cecilia told him worriedly. "Although I want you to be here with us for Kiana's birthday, it can't be helped," she sighed.

"Oh, right. It is already December 3rd, right? Her birthday is in 4 days," Mikoto muttered.

"Siegfried, when will you be teaching Kiana about the Gun Katas?" he asked.

"When she turned 8 years old, why?" the whitehead replied.

"I see…" Mikoto was lost in thought. After heaving a sigh, he finally decided to give his goddaughter an early birthday gift.

"I don't know if I'll be able to get back by the time she turns 8," he started. "So, let me give her an early birthday gift," He smiled a bit. Truly, he had a soft spot for this family.

He pulled out a pair of pistols from his <Inventory>. It is a pair of charcoal-black guns with crimson red highlights. Looking at the craftsmanship of the pistols, Siegfried couldn't help but draw a sharp breath.

"They are called Blooded Saints. Please give it to her when she turns 8 years old," Mikoto said while giving the pistols to Siegfried.

"And this is for her 5th birthday," Mikoto said while pulling out a large Homei stuffed toy. Little Kiana was so excited to see a new toy. Moreover, a model she had never seen before.

Looking at their daughter, the two couldn't help but smile. They knew it was a correct choice to request Mikoto to become their daughter's godfather.

As if she had finally reached the conclusion, Sirin looked directly at Mikoto. "Human," she started


"Take this," She threw a red gem at him.

Mikoto quickly grabbed the gem and looked at Sirin, "This…" he muttered.

"Don't think much about it," she huffed and looked away. "I helped you because my little sister will be sad if you go ahead and get yourself killed," she added.

"But…" Mikoto tried to reject it but Sirin interrupted. Siegfried and Cecilia just looked at them from the side.

"Don't say 'but'. I noticed something from our fight last year," she started. Their fight last year was when they tried to kill each other for real.

"Your power needs stamina," she stated. "But you only have a poor amount of it. Of course, more than other worms, but that is to be expected," Sirin continued. She still refused to call humans other than her family and Mikoto as humans. She only referred to them as 'Worms'.

Mikoto was silent, listening to Sirin's explanation. "You need to become a Herrscher to boost your stamina. That is the fastest way," Sirin finally finished and Mikoto widened his eyes at that. Him, becoming a Herrscher. He had never imagined it.

"Nah, too risky," Mikoto answered.

"I know. You are afraid of going berserk, correct? Just do what I say and you will be fine," she smirks.

"Go on," that gained Mikoto's attention.

"After embedding this gem into you, the Will of Honkai will give birth to a new personality called Herrscher consciousness," Sirin explained. "Since they are like a newborn baby, they won't start to corrupt you right away and make you hate humanity. There is a loophole," she continued. "You just need to say 'I want to be a Herrscher,' and that personality will finish its job. After all, they are to corrupt you into hating humanity and to make you take the mantle of a Herrscher," she finished.

Mikoto and both of her parents are looking at her with wide eyes. They didn't know what to say. They never thought that becoming a Herrscher was that easy with the help of these gems.

"How do you know that?" It was Mikoto who broke the silence.

"From the Goddess on the moon," Sirin pointed her finger up to the sky.

"Of course. It has to be them," he sighed while scratching his head.

"So, what do I need to do other than those steps?" Mikoto asked. Although it left a bad taste in his mouth, he won't say no to a free powerup.

"You can ask that cockroach for help," Sirin answered. She always refers to Otto as a cockroach. "He can put you in a desert island with some Honkai reactor for you to absorb after becoming a Herrscher to form a core and become a true Herrscher," she continued. "After that, you will need to eradicate the Herrscher consciousness to make sure it won't try to corrupt you," she added with a typical Gendo pose.

"I see," he nodded. "Thank you for your help, Sirin. As expected, you are a good girl," he walks toward her and pats her head.

"Don't treat me like a child," she pouted but did not slap away the head on her head. After staying with her new parents for a year, she had become soft. But don't mistake it for weakness. She can still beat a single S-rank Valkyrie with ease.

"So… how am I supposed to put this inside me?" Mikoto muttered while looking at the red gem in his hand.

"Just call me. I will come to your location and put it inside your body without any side effects," a reply from Sirin made him sigh in relief.

Both Siegfried and Cecilia snickered while looking at them. "Just look at the two, honey. Didn't I tell you that they are actually very close?" Cecilia whispered to her husband.

"You were right, baby. They really are close. Just look at Sirin, she got worried over a tiny little thing for him," Siegfried also whispered back.

"I hear that you two," Mikoto glared at them. Kiana has long been asleep.

"Ehehe," The two of them rubbed the back of their heads. "But seriously, it has been 3 years but I still haven't thanked you for naming Kiana," Cecilia thanked Mikoto.

"No problem," he looks at the time and it is almost the time for his daily sleeping time. "I will be going now, you two," he stood up and prepared to go back.

"Take care," Siegfried holds out his fist.

"Don't worry too much," Mikoto smirks and returns the fistbump.


The next day, with the help of Otto and Sirin, Mikoto had arrived on the desert island. With the power of void from Sirin, Mikoto moved multiple Honkai reactors onto the island.

"I will start," Sirin said, earning a nod from Mikoto. She slowly inserted the red gem inside Mikoto.

"Argh!!!" The redhead screamed in pain. As soon as she put the gem in the desired position, Sirin immediately pulled out her hand.

"I will come back an hour later," she told Mikoto and disappeared into her void.

"From now on, it is my job to become a Herrscher," Mikoto muttered.

「I want to become a Herrscher」 he told his other personality.

『A… cep… pted』 What replied to him was a voice which can't even talk normally.

*Ba-dump!...* *Ba-dump!...*

His heart is beating loudly. His body became too hot for him to bear. His clothes melted and vaporized.

After suffering for nearly 15 minutes, his body became bearable. He can finally feel the strengths but at the back of his mind, his other personality is urging him to destroy humanity.

「No」 he replied that to other personality and walked toward the Honkai reactors to absorb the Honkai Energy released from there.

With the help of Honkai Energy from the Honkai reactors, Mikoto had successfully formed the Herrscher Core. Although his Herrscher consciousness is just a newborn, he never thought that it would be this powerful. He had to use 6 Honkai reactors to successfully form the core.

He searched his mind and found out that he had successfully eradicated his Herrscher consciousness. He looked around and saw multiple Honkai beasts arriving near him. But he got himself new clothes and it was a plus for him.

"What a drag," he muttered and prepared himself for a fight.

*After incarnating all the Honkai Beasts*

A void portal appeared near him and Sirin walked through it. She looked up and down, checking if something went wrong.

"I am still me, you know?" Mikoto broke the silence first.

"I know," Sirin nodded. "But did you really need to burn down the whole island?" she added after looking around the burning forest. The trees were burning, the rocks melted, the water evaporated and the soil dried up.

"I toned down the output. That's why the trees are still standing," he stood up and cleaned the dust from his body. "Let's go back," he told her.

After getting through the portal, he was hugged by multiple people. "Guys… can't breathe," he squeezed out his voice. Only then did the others release him.

There were Otto, Fu Hua, Welt, Siegfried and Cecilia in this room. His most trusted friends.

"How are you feeling?" Otto asked while examining Mikoto.

"I feel refreshed, actually," Mikoto answered. Most of their ears perked up.

"No, it doesn't mean I'm not sleeping early," he added.

"With this, I can say he had become the 3rd Herrscher of this era," Welt nodded his head. "Oh, the irony. The Herrschers who were supposed to destroy humanity are siding and standing together with them," he added.

"Sirin," Otto tried to ask if she could give them other gems but even before he could request, she refused. "No, I am not giving away these gems. Mikoto was an exception," she glared at the Overseer.

Otto could do nothing but sigh at that. Although he wanted to have more Herrscher by humanity's side, he couldn't demand the other party to give up her powers.

"You got… stronger," Fu Hua told her student.

"I did," Mikoto nodded and stared back at her.


A clap from Otto brought back the two of them. "Now that Mikoto has become a Herrscher, I can at least get rid of some of my worries," Welt Joyce stated.

"Let's meet again tomorrow," Otto announced after looking at the state Mikoto is in. He can feel that his friend was exhausted. With that, the seven of them went back to their respective homes to get some rest.


The next morning, Mikoto grabbed his belongings and arrived at their meeting place. The others were already there, waiting for him.

"Let me show you your new home, Mikoto," Otto grinned and directed them towards the hanger. There, they were greeted with a battleship that had a length of 278.5m in total.

"This will be your new home from now on, my friend. The name of this battleship is Hyperion," Otto chuckled.

Mikoto is stunned while looking at the battleship. Not just Mikoto, Siegfried, Cecilia, and Sirin were also stunned. "I never thought I would get this ship," he thought. "It is beautiful," he replied after recovering his bearings.

"We have an AI installed in the ship, so you don't need to worry about driving. I also added cleaning machines," Otto boasted. This time, nobody sneered at him.

"I guess this is goodbye," Welt was the first one to break the silence hanging in the air.

"Yes... it is," Mikoto nodded. He will be away from this world for who knows long. He will be away from his friends. But, at least he has photos to relieve the pain of not seeing his friends and close ones.

Otto walked in front of him and gave him a bear hug. "I will miss you, my friend," he muttered. He knew what he requested of his friend was a tall order but it was what needed to be done. To save multiple worlds from being wiped out, he must let his friend go.

"I'll miss you too," Mikoto replied while hugging him back. "But don't go around death seeking too much," he added to which Otto sheepishly rubbed the back of his head.

"I know it isn't fair for you but at least return alive, Mikoto," Welt arrived in front of him and shook his hand.

"We will miss you," Siegfried and Cecilia hugged their close friend. They didn't take Kiana here because of Mikoto's request. "I'll miss you guys too," he replied while hugging them back.

"Please take care of your sister for me, okay?" Mikoto kneeled in front of the purple-haired girl and patted her head.

But she did none of what the people expected. She hugged Mikoto and whispered, "Don't you dare die out there. Only I get to kill you, you got that?"

"U-Un, I will return alive," he hugged her back gently.

Finally, it was Fu Hua's turn. "Teacher," Mikoto nodded.

"Let me give you one last gift, Mikoto," Fu Hua pulled out a feather. "This is 'Feather Down'," Fu Hua whispered. "There might be a counterpart of mine in that world. With this, she won't be hostile to you," she added.

"This…" Mikoto was speechless. He didn't know that she would pull that out. But he gratefully took it from his teacher. "Thank you, Teacher," Mikoto thanked his teacher.

"You must come back alive to me, understand? Without fail," Fu Hua suddenly hugged and whispered into Mikoto's ear. This was strange. He knew his teacher wasn't this touchy.

"Don't worry, Teacher. I'm gonna be alright," The redhead hugged her back, putting his hand on the back of her head and gently stroking her hair. "And you know I'm strong enough to take care of myself, right?"

After a while, the two of them separated from each other and looked into each other's eyes. For Mikoto, she was someone who trained him without giving up on him because of his laziness. And as for Fu Hua, Mikoto was her cheeky disciple whom she had a hard time controlling. The two of them had bonded over multiple training sessions.

Moreover, in Fu Hua's mind, her disciple had inherited her captain's flames. Those blazing flames, those beautiful flames, they will be used to protect humanity from now on. The same flames that gave her nightmares, the same flames that she had hated so much, but she will be praying for those flames to protect her dear disciple.

What Fu Hua suddenly did shocked all the people here except Otto. She gently touched Mikoto's cheek and kissed him on the lips. Mikoto's eyes went wide looking at his teacher. He felt happiness, sadness, longing, pain, depression, and many more emotions in that kiss. He didn't know what was going through his teacher's mind but he wrapped his hand around her waist and kissed her back.

"Please come back safely," She muttered after parting their kiss. This was the first time in 400 years she felt this helpless.

"I will," Mikoto chuckled as he looked around his friends. Otto had already known Fu Hua's feelings for a while now. So, it is not surprising for him.

"I didn't know my teacher was such a pedo," He joked after seeing the faces of his friends.

Not listening to others' screams, he turned around and walked up onto the ship without looking back. Rekka Mikoto's Bizarre Adventure will start right now.


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