1 Introduction!

(This is the second part of the Blaze Hunt series! Read this if only after you have read Blaze Hunt And The Delta Origins! Thank You!)

Mark was just walking by the streets, casually. That's when an explosion took place.

He ducked with fear, the sound was too loud. In front, he saw people running opposite to him, away from the explosion that took place ahead. He though, went forward bravely. He was a strong warrior and knew how to fight threats. His curiousness won over his fear.

Ahead, out of the dust, he found a figure emerging. He was kind of human but not quite. His face had fangs sticking out and claws were visible instead of nails. He wore normal jeans on his left leg but his right leg looked metallic or something. Whatever the creature was, he was definitely ugly.

His eyes fell on Mark who still had enough courage left to not trip with fear. Then the ground started shaking, as if all the earthquakes of the world were happening at the same exact place. Behind the newly-emerged monster, through the dust came figures of huge fat creatures, about thirty feet tall. By then, the dust was all gone and an army of giants came to sight, behind the ugly leader.

Mark was having a hard time focusing on what to fear about. In front of him stood an army of monsters who could just tear him apart in no time. But instead of running away, he just stood there, gawking at them. Apparently, the ugly creature had understood Mark's courage and raised his hand. He fixed his hand, pointing towards Mark and the sign was understandable. An ugly huge giant made his way towards Mark.

Mark, though, didn't flee. He was always taught by his mother to never escape a battle. Once you're in a fight, there's no fleeing away. Its either you die or attain victory. His mother had stated when he was six years old. Keeping that in mind, Mark grabbed one of his weapons strapped to his back and unsheathed it. He had no sign of fear. The grappling hoop, his weapon had a sharp blade as its tip. He had named it Quester.

He saw the giant marching towards him and aimed for his legs. Mark did a throwing sign and unimaginably, Quester's sharp-looking blade directly went and hit the giants left leg. The creature wailed in pain as he fell to his knees.

The thing about Quester was that its blade could separate from its real body and with the help of a rope fixed inside, could stretch and travel quite a distance on it owns though the handle was on Mark's hand. With the help of the rope attached to the blade, Mark flew to the giant almost like a Darknorian Spiderman. He reached to the crying giant and took out his second weapon, a crossbow. (As if one wasn't enough) Usually, a Darknorian gets only one weapon but Mark was an exception. His crossbow, Porticallius, had his target locked on the face of the giant who lied on the ground.

"On your face!" Yelling so, Mark fired on the eye of the giant. The wail of the giant almost made Mark cover his ears but he decided that wouldn't be heroic. The monster's head fell, dead. Mark was too satisfied to care about the deadly monsters in front of him. By the time he had his eyes up again, the leader was standing in front of him. Considering the giants, the leader was small, only ten feet long but he looked as ugly as the other. He also didn't look of the same kind. "I'm Raptor. That was a pretty good kill. I wanted to murder you. But you talent says otherwise…" The creature said.

Mark had no idea what was going to happen but he was ready for impact with his grappling hook held tight. But then, in a split second, Raptor placed two of his fingers on Mark's forehead. A sudden urge of power penetrated Mark and he was paralyzed. "Just a new move I learnt the other day." Raptor said. He took his hands off of Mark and something inside Mark had changed. He was not himself. Then everything changed.

All he had done till now seemed to dissipate and fade away. "What should I do master?" He spoke, his voice even more manly than usual. Raptor smiled and replied, "I don't want the DELTAs to find where I am headed to – where King Jalaar was sealed. You are now a Xorain, one of us. Bring me Blaze Hunt. He is the warrior I need."

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