1 Chapter 1. Heart Closed

I always thought of going to school having so many friends.

I was bullied, laughed at, and knocked by my classmates.

"Haha, your just a nobody." One of my classmates tells me this.

The last subject is Language where we will be practicing the English language when we work abroad.

Walking alone on my way to the classroom, people talk about me when I'm around.

"Oh look, if it isn't Mrs. loneliness."

People laugh and laugh until they stop when the teacher came.

"Good Morning Miss Ava!" Everyone greeted her except for me due to my shyness.

"Good Morning everyone. Please take a seat."

As we are about to sit down, one of my classmates throws crumpled paper at my head. And there's a note that says,

"Please open."

I opened it and the note says:

"You stink, we don't need you."

I ignored it and just listen to my Miss. Ava instead.

"Our lesson for today is Language. Sure, you all are incoming professionals but, what about your speaking skills hmmm?"

Miss Ava teaches us the proper ways of speaking confidently and fluently.

A few minutes later, she tells us that we'll have an assignment where we will be presenting it in front.

But, it will happen tomorrow.

"You have an assignment, please prepare a sentence presentation tomorrow."

I listed it in my notebook and on my phone so that I won't be forgetting it.

My classmates just chill in their chairs as they can do it.

But, I could not just do what they do, It's my responsibility.

"Alright, that's all for today! See you tomorrow and be ready for your assignment."

Preparing our things before we leave, my classmates are up to something again.

Miss. Ava brings her stuff with her as she leaves the classroom.

My classmates laugh again as I go out of the classroom.

As I walk outside, some of my classmates keep bumping me and the things that I hold from my hands are starting to fall.

I'm starting to be annoyed as I want to hurt them back.

They do now know how I feel.

My classmates follow me and throw even more crumpled papers at my back and on my head.

One more, and my fists are ready to punch them.

Almost at the gate of the school, a boy knocked me over as I carried so many things.

"ARGH!" I punch the student as I am annoyed.

"Oh dear, I'm sorry!" The boy apologizes as it is his fault that my school stuff falls to the ground.

"Here, let me carry these for you to home."

I thought that he was just another student who'll just bully me back, he seems to be an innocent boy who was willing to protect me.

"So um, how close is your home from here?" He asks me if my home is far away.

"Well, it's just 5 kilometers away," I tell him that I'm a little far.

"Well, I'll take care of the bus and be carrying these for you."

I am glad that I have one friend who is helping me.

As we sat down together, he still holds my stuff.

The road hump made my stuff fall to the ground every single one of it.

"Ah!" He grasps and suddenly holds my hand.

We both stare at each other as this is some kind of a meeting shake.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't be doing that." He apologized for holding my hand that sudden.

"It's okay." I forgive him and I blushed.

"Oh we're here, let me carry these for you."

I helped each other get my things on the ground and carry it.

"Careful now." He tells me to be careful as there are stairs on the bus that my stuff will fall again.

We are entering the gate of my house.

"Just put my stuff here instead," I told him to place my things on the bench.

"Thank you for the help!" I thank him for coming with me.

"Your welcome."

"I'm Chris."

"That's a nice name! I'm..."

I can hear the footsteps of my dad coming down.

"Oh no, you have to go or my dad will think of something," I warned him to go.

"Thank you." I thank him before he leaves.

"Thank you." He thanked me too that he was able to meet me.

"Good night." I waved my hand to him as he is at the gate of our house.

"See you tomorrow." As he leaves.

I greeted my dad, eat my dinner, and head upstairs.

I take a bath, wear my clothes, brush my teeth, and prepare myself to sleep.

I can't sleep, Chris huh?"

I hope to see him again tomorrow.

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