1 Love ?

Growing up watching princesses, they always needed a prince. I wonder why these women depended on a dingy prince.

"Mommy why does everything have a happy ending" I wondered simply thinking out loud.

My mother looks at me as if I'm from a different dimension. She never once tried to understand me but simply judges me with her looks.

"Well it wouldn't be fun if everyone died Kiara now would it" she said trying to answer without an answer.

I always thought movies were life lessons, and all these movies show is, you have to depend on a damn man. I want to be independent and have my own empire and maybe, just maybe, marry my equal.

*12 Years later*

"What class are you going to Kiara". My 3rd year in prep school. I made lots of friends, but my best friend ended up being a red head with freckles. Her name is Jenna, with a smile always from ear to ear, hair gracefully curled down her back. She's the sweetest and just the complete opposite of me.

Hi I'm Kiara, and this is my life.

"Etiquette how about you Jenna" I tried saying with a polite smile.

Jenna is always happy but deep down I know she is unhappy with something.

"Finally got out of that one, and as the second in line to the throne why don't you take your classes more serious" she explained very sternly

let me not forget she's class Victorian and is always on my ass for coming second to her. She is in the royal line but far from becoming next like I am. Her eyes are on that crown and mine, frankly are running away from it.

"Well I'll see you last period, see ya then " she says walking backwards smiling, running to class.

I walk to etiquette where I learn how to sit like a "lady" when honestly u hold ur legs together and look stiff and still waist up.

"Your late" as always. My teacher isn't the ideal crush I should have, since my parents would never approve. Still I can't help myself, he's just right.

"Well if you would take a seat and show me what you learned last class"

I always mess with him as if there is no need for a filter "like this ?"

A loud slam goes through the hallway

"Kiara close your legs and sit up now"

Now you might think I'm a slut but I can explain.