"You know, we have a lot of customers from South Korea." Naz said, speaking on the phone. She had to be serious because the language she spoke was Korean even thoug they were Turkish. On the other hand, Cha Min Ho, who was on the phone with her, tried to joke to make himself show sympathetic. "After South Korea, how about a job in North Korea? There is no better than you among international workers, after all." Then he let out a hysterical laugh. Trusting Min Ho's laughter, "North Korea? Sure, there is no unacceptable work to do, but we are working solid. So, we are also solid about our lives." Naz said.

She thought it wouldn't hurt to leave the door open just in case. Min Ho was struggling not to laugh at Naz's naivety. Only the God and Min Ho knew what was spinning in his mind. That's why people's reactions were even more funnier to him. Min Ho said, "Well then, see you soon. I'm sending 25% of the money up front, we'll do the rest gradually. As I said, your accommodation fee will be covered by us." He hung up after saying.

Min Ho had a half smile on his face, he wanted to sit longer where he was, but he was going to carry on the triumph ceremony that ringed in his ears as he walked. He got up from the benches where he was sitting and started to move forward. For a few days, he was started to going to parks on his lunch breaks instead of eating, he was busy with the phone calls. Even sometimes the given time for lunch was insufficient for him and he was late for his work.

Today was one of the days he was late. Well, he had a good reason and was comfortable about being late. So even though he looked at his watch, he didn't care, he would be promoted soon with what he was going to do, and no one would be able to speak to him anyway...

All he wanted was what he had planned to happen right away. He had waited for this for years, and revenge was now his turn.

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