1 Prologue: In the Beninging (lol)

In the beninging God created the Heavens and the earth and the earth was badass. Dragons, Phoenixes and all manner of fanciful creatures roamed the land.

The Earth was so badass that, all the other lesser beings that considered themselves equal to the one the mortal creatures called God, and they got jealous of the earth and it's amazing features.

One day all of the lesser beings mad with jealousy, plotted against the one that created them and even went so far as to give them planets of their own and power to wield over them.

The lesser beings that we will call lesser celestials lay a trap for God on earth, which was at the center of the universe. God in his supremeness realized that the lesser celestial were scheming against him, but decided to spring the trap as a god does not fear rabbits (how threatening he saw them).

Using a Grand Absorption firmament seal that created a barrier around the earth that did not allow anything with mana to leave the barrier. It drained God's power and in essence trapped High Celestial.

The power the high celestial was being absorbed through the ley-lines and deposited into the greater universe. This was a basically a reversal of the ley lines polarity, so instead of emitting mana they absorbed it. So on top of being drained, the barrier did not allow the Celestial to from being emitted from the ley-lines as they now became sealed.

Words from the Book of the Al L Mighty


Tonight was the night, the night that everything would change. Two surreal individuals were seated across from each other, one of which was me. I was sitting around a fancy restaurant table while in sipping wine as I negotiated a business deal.

"So I must say I have been disappointed with the services your company has offered, you are behind schedule by quite a lot and behind by couple thousand units on the quota" I said. "Well as I said before Mr. Mighty, you paid for the cheapest delivery package, you are getting the correct number of deliveries according to what you are paying" said Mr. Prime.

"Well that just won't do, there's been a change of plans, I need to have everything delivered by the weekend. How much will it cost?" I said in exasperation. "Ten times what you are currently paying, and I will throw in a back door entrance to Leviathan as a token of gratitude for your years of patronage" said Mr. Prime with a knowing smirk.

Feeling slightly annoyed I retorted, "Oh so you already sniffed out my plans, and even doubling the price knowing I'm short on time…..You really are unscrupulous."

He raucously laughed with his annoying tinny synthetic voice, on and on for a minute straight. Apparently he was enjoying himself at my expense. With a tone of finality he said: "that is funny coming from you Mighty, it's called good business you can take it or leave it."

"Fine, but for that price I want the goods delivered by tomorrow, swear it by your name Optimuz S Prime Truck god of reincarnation." I uttered with a dead serious tone of voice. With his eyes shining in triumph, he stretched his arm and shook my hand.

"Why of course Mr. Mighty I swear it, after all I sent this incarnation to your barren wasteland to show my sincerity" said Mr. Prime with an air of smugness. Standing I said with a tone of finality "I get my Manatite and you get your souls. Deal?"

"Deal Mr. Al L Mighty, I'll have Truck Sensei personally oversee your delivery." With the deal done, Optimuz S Prime's Avatar disintegrated to dust as if he was nevere there.

'Many of the world's major and most populated cities were sitting on nodes of the Ley-lines. The same ley-lines that siphoned mana from the earth.' Thought Al L Mighty gleefully. "Soon I'll be free and those whipper snappers will pay for what they did." said all before all the lights in the restaurant dimmed and darkness enveloped the area.

And that is how the fate of the earth was decided.


The following day a moon sized space truck flew into the solar system, and it was camouflaged in the likeness of a meteor. It was not long before the gigantic box truck opened it's cargo hold and thousands of trucks, ranging in size from as big as a Cruise Ship to the size of a regular truck, flew out and aimed towards the Earth.

With speculations that an asteroid the sized of 160 metres in diameter could destroy a country, the fleet of space trucks barreling towards the earth on a suicide mission having several cruise ship sized units which are on average 200+ metres in length alone, it was a serious problem.


Having noticed the anomaly via satellite imagery, the military first notified the governments and strategic personnel were moved first. A World-Wide emergency was called after. All the nations that had cities with nuclear shelters started evacuating citizens into the shelters for protection. For those that did not, they advised citizens to head to the hills or at least leave the cities as they were in the trajectory of the largest asteroids. Naturally with what may be the greatest crisis humanity has ever experienced Chaos ensued.

People stayed home and prayed, people fled their homes with their belongings to the shelters and to the countryside. There were also people who rioted amidst the panic that was palpable in the air. People were either filled with hope or they lost it within the few hours before the moment of truth.

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