1 Great War of realms

The mysterious world full of magic, has been on war for several years. The war between human realm and demon realm busted out ultimately , since demons have outnumbered humans but humans does have great mages who have been gathered for the war. The war was too intense, and bloodshedding. Everyday thousands of people and demon got killed in battle causing disastrous number of casualties.

As demons have outnumbered humans, so humans decides to use students who were undergoing their study on magic by enhancing their magic with forbidden enhanced items.

Many of the students died from overpowerness which their bodies can't handle, but those who survived that experiment came out to be as prodigies and were given the title of 'Liberators'

Liberators brought many victories. And there was a boy named, Maverick Noir, who was one of the captain of the Liberators was an Ace for the humans in that war. As the end of war have been becoming clear to everyone, Demons launched an all out attack on humans causing an apocalyptic number casualties which the human respond with all grandmasters, masters and Liberators killing each and everyone of them.

After their final attack, Demon were almost wiped out and about 78% of human realm warriors were wiped out. As the battle was too intense, Demon tried to escape by launching their intense dark magic projectile as an decoy on humans . Noone was strong enough to stop the projectile, so High officials ordered Maverick to use dark magic item,black Ruby which absorbs dark magic.

But there was an huge disadvantage in using Black Ruby as it somehow transfers dark magic into user's body and devours one's soul, unaware of the fact. High officials used him to exhibit an suicide mission without any hesitation, he went out alone to stop that projectile.

So Maverick reached the place named 'purgatory' an common area where both the realms meets and escaping route of demons. But as said an huge projectile was slowly travelling through purgatory towards human realm, so Maverick just stood in the projectile's way and activated Black Ruby. As soon as Maverick activated Black Ruby, he lost the sense of reasoning. And everything finished in a flash, Black Ruby broke leaving Maverick being thrown out of purgatory into human realm unconsciously.

So the war has ended, both the sides get heavy losses,. But after the war, a peace treaty was signed between Kings of human realm and the demon Lords of demon realm.

After that everything was cooled down, but the result of the war for humans were quite disastrous. Almost half of their land were filled with dark magic which were emitted by the dead demons body. As the war was over, there were the sparks of the civil war in human realm due to their greed. But it was not happened as big trouble was awaiting for them. The Liberators were labelled as heroes of the war but using of forbidden magical items have its bad effects, it made a person lose his senses and turned them into beasts. As time passed, number of Liberators went senseless causing huge damages, so kings made an organization of extermination Corp. The work of the organisation was to exterminate all rogue Liberators and to take other Liberators in custody and to be hand over to the military for further procedure. This was just too cruel as so called heroes were treated as trash and exterminated. And many of other Liberators were secretly used as rab rats by the king's authority in order to use them as weapons and to strengthen the army in order to conquer each others kingdoms for resources as half of the land was filled with dark magic, as said by someone no greed exceeds human greed....

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