1 alone

I never thought I would ever hear those sounds. The sound of people in my house. That I don't know. I was just in my bed. Sleeping. When I herd them. The sounds. I quickly run into my closet. Then I hear a man with a deepish voice."where are you.....don't be scared...come on he's gonna get tired of waiting". Then I feel the clothes on me that I hid myself with being pulled off. "found you" the man said. "let me go!" I said . " boss is not gonna like that". I kept Punching his back. Then ..... SLAP. He smacks my ass. I just thinking what is this guys problem. All I know is that the next thing is. Is that I am in the car. This got with mint hair started talking about how he would of been faster. Then all of a sudden. the same mint haired guy injects something in me and I'm gone. not dead my asleep.

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