1 Art Vivian Dragon

"What is your dream, Art?" asked a gorgeous lady with otherworldly features to a kid who was cute with jade-like skin. She had ice-blue coloured hair with silver eyes.

"My dream, hmm... I will become the strongest person like the one who created stars!" Art answers with an assertive expression.

The lady starts laughing while patting his head.

"Mom, you always laugh when I am serious about it!" Art pouts while being annoyed.

"Why do you think that someone created stars?" his mother asks him.

"I just... feel it! Not only stars, but everything around us is created or constructed by someone or something, but I feel that stars are special! "

The lady starts thinking about his answer as it surprised her. The lady asks him, "You really—are an interesting one. I would not believe you if you were not my son."

Art becomes more annoyed, "Mom, I am not the odd one; others are if they can't feel the energy from the stars!"

A woman comes towards them in black clothes with a dragon symbol. She bows her head and informs Art's mother.

She says respectfully, "Miss Vivian, Commanders of the Fleet are asking you to quickly enter the council while I give you a message. The 'Head' will also attend. "

"Mom will not attend it! Why should she go to Ice University on Floor 30 while everyone else is here? She always spends time with her so-called disciple, from the Khione family. I will talk to Grandpa to stop her from going, or else, I will go with her to Floor 30. "Art in a serious tone!

Vivian bends over and kisses Art on his cheek, "Well, she is one of your fiancees. She needs special care as she is special. Don't make trouble while I am gone for your grandma. "

"I also need special care! Why can't I come with you? I am strong now.... "

Vivian laughs and teases him by saying, "You are strong, but ladies can't handle your cuteness. That will distract you!"

"Promise me! You will behave well and train according to your grandma's teaching. "

"I won't promise you!" Art says in a cute, annoyed voice, and tears come from his eyes.

"Well, I was going to give you a gift and was willing to take you next time. I feel I need to rethink my decision! "

Art immediately wipes away his tears.

"I will keep my promise! You will take me with you next time, right? " Art asks in a joyful voice.

She leaves him without answering while winking towards him.

"Miss, you can take him with us. I can't understand why you are still refusing. "asks the woman who had come to inform her about the meeting.

"He is extra special and rare. Others will start to get jealous or lose confidence. So, he should be here for his own good! " Vivian replies in a very proud voice.

She enters the meeting and says, "Let's start!"



10 years later,

In a spaceship, everyone was busy with their work. Suddenly, the red light starts glowing around the whole ship.

"Commander, there was an attack on the young master. Urgent request for backup on floor 68! " A young lady with fear and nervousness in her voice informs the commander of the fleet.

The whole area temperature starts to decrease. Slowly, Vivian comes out and informs everyone to move towards floor 68 at high speed.

By the time she arrived at the floor, almost half of floor 68 was destroyed!

Buildings were crumbling. Most of the people were terrified at the scene.

In the middle part of the city, two young boys and a girl were unconscious, and one was dead while the other was holding him.

"Report: Young Master Elric, Agnar, and Miss Anne Noor are unconscious. Young master Edward Noor is dead trying to protect young master Art. Urgent help is required! Opponents are four to eight-level white combat masters with Devil Element! There are 10 in total attacking the young master. "

The sudden report sends shivers down everyone's back.

Vivian starts going towards the middle area at a high speed.


-Middle of the city-

"Haha, that one is the last. Now, I'm still hoping for backup. There are four white combat masters alive! Six of us are dead. Well, it was worth it! " A man in black robes starts saying

"One of them is already dead, and the other three are unconscious. Hey kid, you are unlucky. Haha, now beg for your life! "

Art was holding Edward motionless. It was like time had stopped for him.

"Hey, don't underestimate them! They were attacked by thirty white mages, but only one of them was killed after losing almost all of us! Kill them quickly. "

Inside art's subconscious, A green-coloured dragon was there with closed eyes.

"This energy... how can I not know it? But its output is terrifying. Just what is this brat holding to make me feel this way? " The Dragon thought

The Dragon opens its eyes to see what Art is holding. He could not detect anything from it. He was surprised by the black pendant. It had more power than he did. Its power was way off the chart!

"Maybe this brat can achieve it..." The dragon thought to itself.

"Hey Kid, compose yourself. Now is not the time to mourn. " The Dragon says,

"His sacrifice would go to waste. Think about it now! The black pendant, quickly hide it! This attack is not what it seems." The Dragon tries to compose art.

"Fortunately, my sneak attack worked on them, or else every one of us would have died here today!" said the black-robed man, and continued, "That idiot took the attack on him despite knowing he would die. He is truly an idiot! Haha... "

Art lifted his head and saw four of them were not in their best condition.

"Hey Dragon! Help me out this time to raise my power level to gold level, and I will help you once! " Art says seriously and stands up.

The Dragon was surprised. He could feel the energy inside Art, which was not normal energy!

"Kid, I cannot raise your power to that point, but I can help you improve your realm energy for two minutes to take care of these guys." Dragon replied with confidence.

"It will have no backlash and improve your understanding of realm energy to a new point, which would take you four years. So, use wisely these two minutes, " Dragon informs Art about the power.

"Two minutes! Huh... "

"Let's see fifty violets, twenty purple, twelve white, and three gold. more than enough to take care of them. "

His eyes turn silver and he stares at four black-robed people.

The surrounding pressure increased around them, and they were not able to move an inch. The four black robbers instantly kneel down. They were not able to control their bodies. They felt they had provoked something they should not have.

"What was the name of the organization? " Art asked them in a cold voice.

The black-robed man mustered up his courage to answer the question.

"Fala... fala... guerr.. ra!"

The next second, Art disappeared and stood in front of him with the three heads of his companions, and people from their side fell to the ground.

The black-robed man was shocked at the scene. Within a second, he killed more than twenty experts at purple and violet level in their surrounding area.

"Where are the traitors of the Noor family?"

The black-robed man was not able to think of anything or talk. The movement of his body froze like a statue, except for his eyes in front of Art's pressure. He pointed to the west direction, where relatively minimal damage had taken place, using his eyes.

"You have done well! Rest in peace. " Art says coldly, making an evil grin and looking towards the west direction.

"Kid, 20 seconds have finished up. Hurry up! " The dragon reminded Art.

"Ok, let's try this one." Art smiles and looks at the violet and purple level team of Falaguerra.

Art disappears again. Within five seconds, he cleans up nearly fifty people at purple and violet levels.

Vivian arrives at the scene. She felt huge energy here but didn't expect that it was her son. Although she was happy that Art was safe, she was nervous and worried about what happened to him. There was a strange pattern on his body, which she was currently studying, that was found in an ancient tomb on a different planet.

Art stares at her and says, "You are late again, Mom."

"Take care of them and join me to clean up trash in the west direction." Art points towards the other direction, where Elric and others are and disappear into thin air.

She was relieved that her son had not changed that much.

"That was definitely at around the middle stages of diamond level, but it was not. How did he do that? " she mumbled to herself.

"I guess I should release the one seal on my power..." she thinks and releases one seal on her power.

Art turns backwards at the sudden increase of power there. "I guess I would have survived it without your help too!" "Art says the Dragon.

"She has released only one seal and is on a nation-level. I guess she is at star level at the very least. "

"What!" Art exclaimed and was surprised at Dragon's thoughts.

"Kid, you know only a little about your family. The three masters in your house are only two levels lower than me at my peak level. Your grandma is the strongest person in your house, only one level lower than my peak power level. In this era, it can be considered within the top four, if not the top family. "

After hearing about it, he starts pondering in himself, "If the current members of the house who he interacted with are this strong, then what level are great-grandma and grandpa, who he has not met after having Dragon?"

"Kid, channel your energy smoothly and let it flow. Don't try to control it and release it. "

Art arrives at Noor West Residence, where ten white-level and two gold-level people are there.

Art quickly destroys the house and kills all the people there. He sees four people trying to escape through an airship. He flies towards it and knocks on the mirror.

"Who do you think you are?! Leave or don't blame this master for not showing mercy. " A gold-robed man threatens Art.

"The plan was perfect. Why did Snow empress arrive here? "the gold robe thought while cursing her.

Art destroys the ship with one punch. He takes out his sword and slashes every ship that was trying to leave from the west direction.

Watching this, everyone was shocked. Everyone thought, "Is Art only fourteen years old? We thought Elric and Agnar were freaks, but compared to him, they are kids. "

"I am Art Vivian Dragon. Nice to meet you! " while cutting his arms and legs.

"Kid, two minutes are up, be prepared," Dragon informs him.

The marks on his body are all gone, and the power has disappeared, and he has turned normal.

"What was the power?" Vivian arrives near him to prevent him from falling.

"Mom, I will tell you..." before completing his words, he fell asleep on her.

Vivian pats his head and carries him. She instructs everyone to clean up everything, then says, "Kill everyone except the commander of Falaguerra and lock him up" while pointing towards the gold-robed man.



Floor 72:

A group of people were sitting around a table, covering their faces except for their eyes.

"There was only one survivor, who was a white mage. He was terrified, and we got to know that they did not find the item. This time it was a complete failure; only one main character was killed! wherein, in our case, we lost almost twenty per cent of our power."

"Any other thing that is a problem with our plan?"

"It is said by the survivor that if we face the Dragon family now, we will undoubtedly lose, even after ten years. "

"I know. We must not provoke the Dragon family. Now, the Noor family will clean up most of our spies in their family. It was a total defeat. If we had found that item then, we would have won easily! "

"One more thing, Art Dragon"

"Art Dragon?!"

"The third heir of the Dragon family, the successor of the Dragon family, and son of the Snow Empress, has many relations with many forces. He destroyed most of our spies in the Noor family, or so I was informed by the survivor. He was terrified when we mentioned his name like he was a god of death! "

"It's interesting, Art Dragon. He was compared to the god of death, very interesting. We cannot go against the Dragon family for now. "

After hearing this, the group of people disappeared from there.

"Art Dragon, huh. I will be waiting for our battle." an evil smile is shown on the mysterious person.

"Sir, should we eliminate him? It will be a problem if he grows stronger!" a person behind a mysterious person.

"We cannot eliminate him now, nor do we have the power to do so. We should wait for him until he starts climbing. What happened to the situation in the Demon Royal family? " Mysterious man gave replied with a grin on his face.

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