Black Ice Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Black Ice


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When you're destined to be alpha in a world full of impossible male wolves, The only thing you can do is be bigger and better than them. Easier said than done when you're only a pup. But someone has to save the pack from their idiotic tendencies. Nyota is the first girl born in over six hundred years, part of a curse the old witch made. The Alpha sent her away for protection and now she has come back to take the rightful place as the new Alpha. But first she must learn to fight, to lead, and to be all wolf. With the help of her mate, Osyn, and a couple of wanted women, an amazon and a thief, she sets off to becoming what she was destined for. But the threat of the curse is ever looming, will she be able to break it or will the curse finally eat away the last shreds of humanity the Black Ice nation has?


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