2 The talented baby

After Sekke was done crying his heart out he lost consciousness and just fell asleep while with snot and tears on his face.

"...He sure is a loud one Bah-ha." said the Sekke's father as he took a wet cloth to wipe the boy's face.

"Be careful Zuk....don't wake him up." said Sekke's mother as she slowly brought him towards his chest so as to feed him.

Zuk nodded his head and carefully wiped his face and said, "Alright Elaine, I will go and tell our parents that the delivery was successful. Rest here alright bah-ha." and gave her a kiss.

"Hm, sure and make sure that no one comes rushing in and wake Sekke up." said Elaine as she hugged Sekke.

Zuk nodded and then left the room.


A few days passed by since Sekke's birth. He still was not able to cope up with the tragedy that happened with him but after a while he decided that there was no use crying because no one could understand his curses and it made his throat hurt a bit.

'Hah....what is this....why is this happening to me? He told me that I will be in the strongest person's body here....does that mean Seeke was actually the strongest?.... Even if that is the case I still don't like this at all.' thought Sekke as he got angry and unconsciously pouted.

"Ah, Se-chan!! You are so cute." said Elaine who looked at her son with excitement and poked his cheeks.

"Aa aauu auauaa" (Stop that, it tickles)

"Hehehe." giggled Elaine seeing how Seeke was reacting and continued to play with him.

"Se-chan do you love mama?" asked Elaine with a smile on her face.

"Au!" (I do) said Sekke and nodded his head.

"Haha I love Se-chan too." said Elaine as she kissed Seeke's forehead.

'Haha it's fine in a way I guess...but I am still mad about being Sekke.' thought Sekke.

Suddenly the door burst open and Zuk entered with a smile on his face.

"Elaine!! Sekke!! I am back bah ha!" said Zuk.

"Welcome back." "Aao"

"Dear, Se-chan just told me that he loves me." said Elaine with an innocent smile on her face as she hugged Sekke.

"Oh! That's good." said Zuk as he approached Sekke and came closer to his face, "What about me Sekke? Do you live papa?"

"Ou" said Sekke as he looked away from him making the Zuk shocked by the sudden act.

"BAH HA?!?! Why?!"

'Your beard hurts me.' thought Sekke.

"Don't worry dear it just that he has not bonded with you yet, you were busy telling others about him afterall." said Elaine and patted his back trying to comfort him.

"Yeah bah ha!! That must be it....Come here Sekke, let papa show you how much he like you bah ha!!" said Zuk as he held Sekke in his hands and rubbed their cheeks together.

"Aha aa auuuu" (Stop! don't do that!!!) and tried to push his face away but was not able to.

'...You forced me to do this new father. Ultimate baby magic: Cry of the pitiful baby!'


Sekke all of a sudden started crying at his max power shocking the couple as Elaine immediately took him from Zuk.

"Aww aww don't worry mama will protect you little Sekke. It's fine now.....see that man is not here now." said Elaine as she gave light pats on Sekke's back.

"Bah ha, I am sorry for scaring you Sekke bah ha." said Zuk as he looked towards him with a pained expression on his face.

"Auaa ua au." (It's fine, don't touch me with that beard once again.)

"It's alright dear, you just surprised Sekke. Do not rush things with him like you usually do. AHe will get used to your presence soon." said Elaine as she kissed Zuk's cheek trying to comfort him.

After that the couple played with him for a bit longer before Elaine decided to feed him.

Sekke looked at the exposed chest of his new mother who was wanting to feed him and said, "Uu" (Pathetic) but none the less still sucked on those almost flat breasts.

Once he drank his fill he patted his mom's breasts and thought, 'I hope you get big, little ones.' and then looked at his mom and patted her cheek and thought, 'Don't worry, I still see you as a likeable person.'

"Fufufu, what is it Se-chan? Already full?" asked Elaine with a smile.

Sekke just nodded his head and was now looking at her with glittering eyes.

'Now for the best part of the day.' thought Sekke as he looked at his mom with an expectant look.

"Fufu looks like someone is excited." said Elaine as a book started floating in the air with a blue aura surrounding it.

"Glitter magic: Glitter birds." said Elaine as small blue coloured glowing birds surrounded them and started flying around the room.

Sekke looked at the birds with excitement and thought, 'It really amazes me that there is magic in this world.' He then moved his hands up in the air trying to touch the birds seeing which Elaine giggled and let the birds fly near him.

After the birds got close Sekke tried to touch them once again and after struggling for a while was finally able to touch one of the birds and beamed with happiness.

Seeing that Elaine chuckled and wanted to tell him that it was her that made the bird you his hand but just stayed silent and watched the boy.

'I want to house magic as well....If I am not mistaking, his magic was called Bronze magic, right?' thought Sekke as he raised his hand once again and tried to use his magic.

"Hehe, Se-chan are you trying to make the birds from your hands as well?" said Elaine as she saw her some struggling to do something.

But just as she said that she noticed a small marble form in front of Sekke's hand before it shattered into pieces.

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Both Sekke and Elaine looked at each other with their mouth opened wide before Elaine got up from the bed with a huge smile on her face and said, "Se-chan!!! you are able to use magic at this age!!!"

"...Au..." (I can?)

"DEAR!!! DEAR!!! SE-CHAN JUST USED MAGIC IN FRONT OF ME!!!" said Elaine with an excited tone as she left the room to tell her husband about this happy news.

'....Is Sekke really the strongest character?.... HAHAHA!!! ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE FUTURE BE SURE TO RESPECT AND FEAR THE DARK LORD SEKKE!!!' thought Sekke as he raised his hand once again to use his magic and once again a marble formed in front of his hand and shattered into pieces.

'Hah, what can I say. I am just super talented you know.' thought Sekke with a smirk on his face and tried to make a pose which only made him look cute in his baby body.

And just like that with a smirk and pose who knows when the little baby who just used magic fell asleep because of magic depletion.

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