1 chapter one: Asami

the teacher had an announcement " class we have a new student he is a little shy." A boy walks in hesitant but moving with his sapphire eyes and hazel brown hair he says " h-hi m-my name is Asami natsumi." all the students in the classroom stopped talking and look at Asami. all the girls in the classroom I was blushing when they looked at him the boys were glaring because of the girls but Asami just sat at the back of the classroom shy and hating what he looks like he says to himself "they're probably staring because I don't look that good." the boy right next to him with golden blonde hair in dark crimson eyes says and a grouchy growled voice" hey the names goh you don't have to be so shy and stop hating yourself I can see it in your face expression." Asami look startled and looks right next to him.