1 Bite Me

"Why don't you just bite anyone?"

My best friend,Sera,asked for the hundredth time.

Only to get the same answer every time she asks.

I don't want to.

This is an Era where vampires and humans coexist together. There were many objections along the way to peace but it didn't last long. It has been 100 years since then and everyone is living happily.

Schools were modified and periods such as Drink breaks are added.

Vampires can drink from their mate.

Mate are another name for humans we drink off from..

The number of human you can mate vary on your stamina.

And I am the only one in my school who doesn't have a mate.


Because I couldn't care less.

And I have been living off animals blood for my whole life. Suddenly changing my lifestyle will just make it harder.

Just to be clear I've tasted human blood before and in my opinion there was no difference.

"I seriously doesn't understand you,"she said.

"Sera will you stop bugging me with having a mate if I go to that club you've been begging me to go?"I sighed in defeat.

"Really?"Her eyes lit up in excitement.

I nodded with a sigh.

"YES!"She shouted.

I'm already regretting it.

A vampire club.

The only difference is that blood stains could be seen on the sofa.

As Sera left me on our table to go with her mate who knows where,I slumped at sofa cringing a bit due to the fresh blood stain from the last couple who sat there.

As I dozed off a guy went pass my table and as soon as his scent hit me...

I knew he was unmarked...

An unmarked human in a vampire club.

Does he want to get killed?!

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All this vampires intoxicated with the alcohol and blood + an unmarked human!

Damn it!

I jumped out of the sofa and grabbed the human and pulled him outside the club.

Before I could scold this kid he said something that almost made me regret pulling him out of the club.

"Bite me baby"

He said as he winked at me.


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