1758 1758. Nature

Securing the help of the rats marked the end of the preparations required before the war. The various organizations had everything they needed now. They only needed to approach the crack in space and take care of the last real opponent on the surface.

Heaven and Earth would have to rely on the troops contained in the cities in the sky at that point, but Noah believed that he would already be in the stormy regions by then. His growth could never slow down, and the areas past the Outer Lands were the only place that could provide suitable benefits.

Troops from the Legion's domain abandoned their task and grouped with the massive army to create an even more threatening force. The number of rank 8 experts amassed into that team was immense, and even space twisted when they moved toward their target.

It seemed that the Immortal Lands struggled to stand such a group of powerful existences. Cracks didn't appear, but it was clear that even the higher plane was reaching its limits.

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