1487 1487. Trap

Noah's old companions were there, in the Crystal City. They were all rank 7 cultivators in the gaseous stage, but their condition appeared relatively poor.

Injuries filled their bodies. Their complexion was pale, and even their auras didn't manage to spread far. They didn't show signs of torture. It seemed that they had just gone through a long and harsh battle.

"They are your friends, right?" Miss Canson said as she straightened her position and neared her mother's throne. "The Crystal City despises magical beasts and hybrids, but they are useful for certain entertainments."

Noah ignored her. His whole attention remained on his five friends, and his emotions couldn't help but burst out of his figure as memories filled his mind.

He had shared most of his life in the lower plane with those five cultivators. Two of them were good friends that Noah had saved from certain death. Faith and Daniel had followed him since forever, and June was his longed lover.

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