1 Conspiracy

Year 100512.

Divine realm of God's.

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A youth clad in long black robe with golden patterns was standing on the edge of a Clif he looked like a 20 something year old and had hight of 1.8 metres with densely packed muscles that didn't looked burly but gave an aura of suppression.

He had snow white skin tone that put heavenly Goddesses to shame,grey short messy hair and blood red eyes that could pull souls of anyone who dared to look directly into them.

He was Feng Tian although he was an orphan without any background but through his hard work and great will power he reached Apex of cultivation world in mere thousand years currently he was surrounded by the top experts of Divine realm of God's.

They all gathered here because of the treasure he was holding.It was a blood red Long sword with yellow pattern on it strangely though these patterns seemed to be alive the hilt of the sword had a grey dragon coiled around it the eye of the dragon seemed to be alive and gave an aura of despair to onlookers.

Xia Huang Patriarch of the ten thousand sword sect arrogantly stated:

"Feng tian handover the Heaven Devouring Sword and I can assure you that you will granted the position of an elder in ten thousand sword sect you should know without strength or a back up a treasure is only a disaster"

Palace master Qin Zhang of Glorious Sky Palace stated with a cold smile:

"Feng Tian be sensible and give this sword to us and we can give you anything you want".

The demon Emperor of Nether Moon Divine Hall sneered and barked:

"Feng tian if you can hand over the Heaven Devouring Sword then I can forget the matter of you killing my Demon Lord's otherwise don't blame me for not being merciful".

Feng Tian who was listening to all this with a cold face finally said:

"Are you all done cut the crap if you have guts then come take it stop being so righteous".

The Heaven Devouring sword was something from ancient era no one really knew it's exact origin but it was said that it can be used to devour the cultivation of others to strengthen oneself this legendary sword was lost in an ancient war between God and devil's and only appeared a while ago Feng tian was lucky get it by chance.

But the word of him possessing it got out when he killed Demon Lord's of Nether Moon Divine Hall with it when three great factions of Divine realm of God's heard about it and there greed led them here every one wanted it for themselves but they also knew that it won't be easy to get it from Feng Tian so they Ganged up to force him to hand over the sword. Because it was said that with it's help one can reach the Immortal realm which was considered as a myth. It was said those who enter Immortal realm have infinity life span and the will live as long as Heaven and Earth for the chance of entering Immortal realm every one was willing to put their life on line because even true God can die just the thought of gaining unlimited life span was enough make them frenzy let alone the power they will hold.

As for who will get to keep the sword they all had there own thoughts about it.Listening to what Feng Tian said Demon Emperor instantly got angry and stated:

"Brat you don't know what is good for you if death is what you want then I'll grant your wish".

Having said that he pulled out his weapon and prepared to attack. Instantly the sky turned darknd as complete strength of a peak True God was released, others also didn't stay idle the began taking out there weapons and began revolving there technique's.

Everyone attacked together various Martial arts and technique's filled the whole sky all of these where directed on Feng tian who only watched it with cold eyes. Everyone thought that he was going to die but in the next moment saw unbelievable.

Feng Tian only slashed on the incoming attacks with the Heaven Devouring sword and instantly all those flashy martial arts and technique's turned into nothingness Although the attack seemed simple this was the ability of Heaven Devouring Sword which could turn any kind of energy into pure Heaven and Earth essence to strengthen the wielder.


everyone felt like there souls where struck by lightning instantly there backs were drenched in cold sweat knowing it won't be easy as they thought because any technique they would use would only strengthen Feng tian and by using forbidden technique's even if they were to get the sword they wouldn't have power to keep it they would be lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

"Is that all you got... HAHAHA... I see you guys are all bark and no bite"Feng tian spoke coldly.


Although the wanted to refute him but they were at loss of words. When everyone was anxious one of the Grand Elders of ten thousand sword sect whispered something to Patriarch upon hearing it instantly his eyes brightened he laughed loudly and stated:

"Everyone no need to worry our sect has a formation called demon suppressing sword formation with that we can surely seal this bastard and kill him but I will need Everyone to pour there Qi in it"

Patriarch of Glorious sky palace instantly agreed and said:

"Don't worry old man xia our Glorious sky palace will help you to get rid of him".

Demon Emperor shorted and also said

"Count me in"

when they were planning all this Feng tian was watching them with cold eyes Suddenly a sharp glint passed through his eyes but it was not seen by anyone. When Xia Huang was laying the structure of the formation Feng tian coldly stated :

"pull any kind of tricks you want but make it quick I don't have much time to waste on Ants like you".

Hearing this everyone was so much angry that they wanted to puke blood.

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