41 Panicking Inside

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This boy...wants to carry?!

What a familiar tone.

The scene was all too familiar.

Fang Lang gave his teammate an odd look…

Old Liu?


Fang Lang chuckled to himself and tried not to think about it.

He put his focus on the Meteor flight sword. This entry-level flight sword was Fang Lang's first flight sword.

A flight sword was distinct from an ordinary sword—a flight sword could not be used to attack and only served as a mode of transport.

A sword for killing had its own characteristics.

Like the Blooming Lotus Sword, a sword for killing was made of high quality material and could cut steel like butter. The sword was raised on intent and had no runes on its body—it was made for sword mastery.

The flight sword had runes carved into it. The flight sword would be rendered useless if the rune was damaged, therefore it was not suited to be used as a weapon.

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