1 prequel

Am I crazy? I can't be. I know all that stuff really happened to me.

So you want to know how it happened?

Well before I get to that I might as well give you a brief rundown of my history before that point.

My name is William Jason Kyle.

My father was an Irishman named Liam Kyle. He was the current kickboxing middle-weight champion of the world. He also loved to play guitar. His martial arts style was a combination of Boxing, Tae kwon do and some elements of Mauy Thai.

My mother Helena Kyle was a German woman who used a combination of Japanese Karate, pray mantis and monkey Kung Fu. She was also a nurse who had a hobby of cooking.

And my aunt Regina Kyle, my father's young sister; used a similar style of martial arts as my father. She also had a hobby of fencing and wrestling.

Both of them trained by a Japanese man named Hamato Yoshi.

As for myself, I was born on July 20th 2001 at the Wilmington Hospital. I did okay in school but I also spend time training and learning how to defend myself from my parents. Boxing fists, tae Kwon do kicks, Wrestling holds and how to handle a sword.

I also enjoy relaxing with a video game or a good movie or book.

Although I had become very good fighter and put several bullies in their place right in my life, but I have always learn to be non-voilent and help anyone in need.

It all began with me sitting in front of the window watching the rain coming down while playing my guitar.

I had been playing guitar since I was 6 years old and I really enjoyed it.

Rain splattered the glass as thunder crashed.

The date was June 6, 2016 and I was 15 years old.

As I looked out the big window I noticed small light in the sky.

Then there was a small streak of white light falling from the sky in front of our house on South union street.

I ran outside into the rain without thinking of any possible danger to investigate the ball of light as it hit the sidewalk out front.

I stared at the light in wonder for a few minutes.

I heard someone groan.

"Hello?" I called out.

"I'm am dying."

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The light surrounded my body.

"An evil woman known as Lilith is killing all of the gods one-by-one. She wiped out every lifeform in her own universe and now she wants to do the same to this one."

"Why?" I asked. I was so surprised that nobody had noticed why was happening.

"She wants complete power and domination of every timeline. She wishes to destroy everything and then recreate everything in her our image."

The light covered me completely.

"I am dying but my power and consciousness will life on in you mortal. You are the one that Zeus spoke of, you were in his vision. You are the one who will defeat Lilith!"

"But who are you?" I asked.

"I was Hermes. Zeus' messenger. Now my spirit and strength will live on in you William."

"You know my name?"

"Yes. Zeus spoke of you, I remember?"

The light disappeared

"Alright" I said, "Let's see what I can do."

As I focused on building my strength, I held out my fist and  concentrated on the transferring my strength to my hand. For a moment, my fist glowed a silver color as if a ball of energy had just formed around my fist.

I did always have the power to manipulate ectoplasm into energy ever since I was young, but I never knew that I could do it without my spirit cabinet. Because of my ability, I was nicknamed "little ghost" which I hated but I could never shake the name.

I could became a psychic investigate, a famous musician or a martial arts teacher. I would have so many options when I grow up.

But now I'm getting off topic, how did I make energy appear in my hand? Did I dream it? Had I discovered a way to manipulate energy with controlled conditions through my new abilities?

I began to focus again.

I concentrated on building up energy as I fists began to glow again.

It wasn't a dream!

Don't unleash that energy here! You will never hear the end of it if you end up destroying anything the house!

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