Billionaires: Love and Secrets [English Version] Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Billionaires: Love and Secrets [English Version]


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No one would have thought that a broken heart had dragged Darren Ewald Gilbert into a complicated problem that entangled him with the famous supermodel, Flower Carnabel. Distrust of an illegitimate child has made Darren unwilling to recognize the status of Lovely Carlb Gilbert although a DNA test confirmed that he was the biological father. For Darren, all of this was Flow's tricks, who had been crazy about him from the start. Then, what if Love is indeed his flesh's blood? Would Darren be willing to accept her? And would Flow give a chance to the man who had viciously insulted her? Follow the journey of Darren and Flow's problematic love, and Love's struggle to gain recognition from her father.


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