1 Chapter 1 Get Back To The City

'Professor Simmons, have you really decided?"

In the old farmhouse, a row of men in black looked worriedly at the young girl in front of them.

Vanessa Simmons nodded and said calmly, 'It's decided. People from the Simmons family will come to pick me up immediately, and you guys shouldn't be here again."

The men in black were collectively silent. Did Professor Simmons even know what it meant for her to go back this time? The Simmons family was planning to marry her off to a stranger!

The men in black were indignant, and Vanessa gave them an eye, 'Still here?"

No one dared to defy her words. The man in black retreated quickly, hidden in various corners that were difficult to be found by ordinary people.

There's a knock on the door. Vanessa walked over to open the door and saw a luxury car parked in front of the small courtyard, then Felton in the suit walked down from the car.

'Are… you Vanessa?"

Felton was a bit surprised and looked at the young girl in front of him, who was almost taking his breath away. Although he had seen her picture before, now that he was facing her in person, her beauty brought him an even stronger blast.

Vanessa nodded, 'Yes, that's me. I have all my stuff ready and we can go anytime."

After confirming her identity, Felton's eyes, however, flashed a touch of an oddity. When the Simmons family found Vanessa, the long-lost daughter, Vanessa did not show that she was surprised. Now she was so eager to go with him, Cinderella can't wait to become a princess?

When Felton thought about this, he felt a little uncomfortable, 'Are you so anxious? Don't you have to say goodbye to your friends?"

Vanessa didn't get his true meaning and just nodded slightly, 'No."

She did not come back to this village often, and even when she did, she locked herself in her room to study something curious, so she did not have many friends.

That's why her master told her before his death that she should get out of her world and make more friends.

Felton, however, thought that Vanessa was desperate to get rid of everything in the past, that's why she acted so indifferent and heartless. He then felt more comfortable about her.

Vanessa felt it and blinked, feeling odd.

Did she say something wrong?

Although Felton was Vanessa's biological brother, the two hadn't seen each other for years. Besides, Vanessa's behavior made him feel awkward, so he didn't talk to her much along the way.

Two hours later, the car stopped at the entrance of the villa of the Simmons family. Before Vanessa had a chance to get out of the car, two people came running over enthusiastically.

Her half-sister Queenie Simmons and her stepmother Elise Miller excitedly held her hand, 'You must be my sister Vanessa, right? You're finally back."

Vanessa was not used to having such close contact with strangers and subconsciously drew her hand back.

The smile on Queenie's face froze. She didn't expect Vanessa to dare to embarrass her when first meeting her, and was just about to lose her temper, but then held it back, 'Vanessa, my mom and dad and I waited for you at the door for so long and finally got you back. It's been a long journey, hasn't it?"

Vanessa looked at the smile on Queenie's face and always felt it very hypocritical. She shook her head, 'No, I'm just sitting in the car, it's the driver who must be tired."

After saying that, she nodded to Felton, 'Thank you."

Felton didn't know what to say. Why did he feel like he was being treated like a driver?

Queenie was even more speechless. She was just being polite, and Vanessa took it seriously?

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