116 Chapter 116: The Slap

Janetta's bedroom is on the second floor. She stops crying as soon as a maid gives her the news that she can wear a gown to the party, but her face is tear-streaked and swollen. Vanessa looks righteously angry on her sister's behalf. She opens Janetta's closet and selects a light yellow evening dress.

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"I think that cow did it on purpose," Vanessa says, "She knew that Evan would fly into a rage. She should've told you before giving you the dress. She must have withheld information on purpose so Evan would get mad at you. I wouldn't trust her if I were you. Just because Evan has changed his mind doesn't mean she's not trying to make things worse."

"That bitch is deliberate," Janetta hisses, "Evan said I was beautiful one moment before, but then, I swear his look changed upon seeing the dress."

"Did he?" Vanessa asks, "You know a man only compliments a lady on her appearance for one reason."

"What's that?" Janetta asks.

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