2 Chapter 2: The Devil King is hard to appease.

[A/N: Before the chapter starts I would like to trouble you to go to the previous chapter to read it again. I changed the plot and I am trying to make it a little more direct.

Well That's it. Enjoy 🥂]


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"Oh, You are awake. So how are you feelin'?" asked Roushel, still feeling a little sleepy.


The man just stared at her coldly. Roushel suddenly felt a cold wind pass. A chill went down her spine.

'What the hell? How is it so cold suddenly?'

She glanced at the temperature scale and it was well the normal room temperature.

'How can this be?'

Her attention again went towards the man on the bed when he tried to get off the bed. Her eyes wide she asked, "Hey?! What are you trying to do?"

He just glanced at her once and then continued what ever he was doing.

"Hey Mister, I saved your life. Is this jow your going to repay me?"

He took her in coldly and said, "How much do you want?"

She looked at him baffled.

"What? You think I did it for money. I saved your life by bringing you here and this is how you treat me? Really? Wow! Great! Just great!" She shouted at him.

"So what else did you want other than that?" He looked at her strangely.

"Nothing. Just forget it. You know what? Lets not meet each other again." She just picked her bag, opened the doors and left slamming it shut.

Royce just sat there thinking what just happened. What a strange woman. He thought.

He took out his phone and called his assistant to bring him a set of clothes to the hospital.

About half an hour later, Derick arrived with his clothes.

"It were the Stream Gang who attacked you last night. Most probably they were sent by someone. We are still searching."

Said the assistant

"Search for them. Catch the leader and wipe out the rest of the gang. I want them dead by tonight."

Royce took the clothes and went inthe bathroom for changing.

After he returned to the room his his assistant asked, "Sir I think you should rest a bit."

Royce turned to look at him and stared at him with his dark cold eyes.

The assistant took in the scary expression and almost instantly turned his head down.

The devil king is at it again. Oh that look is scary~

They left the hospital. A black Maybach was standing in front of the entrance. The driver opened the door for him and greeted him Morning. Royce just nodded his head and slid in.

They headed to the company directly.

The car stopped in front of the forty storey building with the name Hamilton Group of Companies on it.

Royce came out. There was a chilly aura around him and he walked like a emperor walking to his throne.

He walked past the entrance to his private elevator and to the top floor where the CEO's office was.

In his office he sat in his chair and asked his assistant for the updates.

"Sir, these are companies we recently invested in. These are the proposals we received from the other companies. They want to collaborate."

"What is on my schedule for today?"

"You have a meeting with the directors at 11 am. Then you have a meeting with Mr.Anderson at 2 pm. After that you have dinner with your family. Also sir, Ceo of Dorin Entertainment wanted to have a meeting with you. Deny or Accept?"


"Is that all?"

"Yes Sir, that is it for now."

"Okay then you may leave. Pass me the file for today's meeting at 11am."

The assistant left after keeping the file on his table.


11am, Inside the Meeting room.

There was silence inside the meeting room. The directors were sweating even in an air conditioned room.

"So this is what you have made in four weeks?'' The devil king said coldly.

His black eyes sweeped over the room. The directors almost peed their pants.

"Two days and I want it redone"

He stood up and went out of the room.

As soon as he left the directors took a breath of relief. They slumped down on their chairs.

The devil king is hard to appease.