1 Chapter 1: The Encounter.

It was evening. The streets were bustling with people. It was the end of the office hours. People were returning home.

Roushel saw all of this from her office window.

She still had work to do. She sighed and sat to complete her work.

It was almost late at night. She left her office.

Today she didn't feel like hailing a cab and thought of walking. She walked seeing people. The night sky was clear.. The stars could be seen. It was beautiful.

She started walking down a street. This was a shortcut and was usually isolated. Roushel kept her oblivious nature and walked down the street humming her favorite tune.


On Some Road.

Royce was returning back to the company, when some assassins attacked. Being the most influential man had made him the target of many people. People who would go to any extent to have his head.

He was studying the business proposals when a bullet came from front crashing the glass. He dodged it due to his quick reflexes from training several hours and being a martial art expert.

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He asked the driver to fasten the speed and also possibly to a place where there were lesser amount of people. He looked back to see a black van following his car.

The car came to a halt. He took out his gun and went towards an isolated direction. The men or most accurately his assassins followed him. They knew the power this man had. They were sure that many of them will possibly not even make out alive but they still followed the instructions given to them.

All the men had there faces covered with black masks.

They hid in different places and surrounded him.

Royce figured their positions and shot the ones who were easy targets and slowly eliminated most of them. Some were shot and some stabbed.

But unfortunately after some time, his bullets finished and he was left only with his knife.

He was carefully moving forward examining all the directions when some noise came from back. He turned and was stabbed with a knife in his stomach area.

"Ah!" He cried out in pain.

His eyes darkened and he became the beast he is in the underworld. He slited the throat of his eneny and ran from their. He had a satisfied evil smirk on his face.

He was holding his side and running.He was not fast enough for escaping the people. He took a turn towards the main road. The road was empty because it was quite late at night. He ran in the middle of the road and then went into a street at the end of the road. He had no idea where he was going.

He was stabbed and was losing his energy. It was becoming very hard for him keeping his consciousness. He was losing blood at a very fast rate due to the movements and running.

He then took a left turn and saw the silhouette of a woman. She was humming a tune. He also heard the footsteps of the men. He quickly went towards her and pushed her towards a wall and kissed her.

The woman tried pushing him but failed in the strong grip of the man.

Roushel just stood their and her hands on the man's. She tried pushing him again but to fail again and resulting in the man to tighten his grip.

From the side of his eye, Royce saw the men going straight and not giving the linked 'couple' mind.

He then finally gave in to exhaustion and pain and saw black dots appearing in his vision. He loosened his grip and fell in the arms of the woman infront of him.

The sweet smell of the woman and the warmth were the last things he smelled and felt before he entered the world of darkness.

Roushel felt the man loosening his grip and tried to wiggle out, but the man fainted. She then saw that he was bleeding heavily.

She made him sit on the ground and took out her scarf and covered the wound with it. It was after that she took notice of the man's face. He was inhumanely handsome. She noticed his sharp jawline and his perfect nose. Her eyes wandered to his perfect lips.

His hair was disheveled, the way it becomes when someone runs their hand many times in it.

'What a handsome human! But why is he bleeding? Should I take him to the hospital? No! He kissed me without my permission. This was my first kiss! But still he is bleeding a lot. I think I should'. Thought Roushel.

She then picked him up and dragged him to the main road. She hailed a taxi and took him to the hospital.

The doctors treated his wound and shifted him to the VIP ward.

Roushel sat beside him. She stared at the beautiful creature on the bed. Soon she started feeling sleepy. She just slept there. Previously she had thought of leaving after admitting him but she felt asleep.

In the middle of the night, Royce opened his eyes and saw woman next to him. His forehead furrowed guessing who she was but then he went unconscious again.

The next morning, the sun was bright up in the sky and the rays seeped in through the window.

Royce groaned and lifted his hand to his face, blocking the sun rays. He slowly opened his eyes and took in the unfamiliar surrounding. His abdominal region was paining a lot.

At that moment all the scenes from last night came back.

Attack. Assassination. Girl. Kiss. Black.

Right at that moment, as if on cue, the girl beside him woke up, yawned and stretched her hands and body.

Royce only then did take notice of her.

She turned towards him.

"Oh, You are awake. So how are you feelin'?" The girl asked him.


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