2 Julie House.

Samantha continued reading the newspaper, and that's when she saw the Article of the 1 billionaire in the world and the world-famous Interior Designer, Johnson Davis.

"Why are you looking at the newspaper so keenly, Samantha?" Liam inquired, as he looked at his daughter frowning.

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"Nothing, Dad. Just reading an article about Johnson Davis." Samantha said and continued reading.

"Johnson Davis?" Liam asked in a curious tone.

"Yeah, yesterday he received an award for best Interior designing company," Samantha replied.

"Oh, Ok," Mr. Liam said.

"Samantha, Your coffee!" a 40 years old maid offered the coffee to Samantha.

"Thank you! Carie," Sam said as she smiled at the maid, and the maid smiled back at Samantha and then walked back to the kitchen.

"Samantha, I don't understand. Why do you read newspapers? I mean, you have an iPad and everything. Why don't you just browse it?" Liam asked with curiosity.

Liam knew his daughter very well. She has been fond of reading books since her childhood. He still remembered when she would steal his books to read. She liked to read all kinds of books, she was a bookworm. And on the other side, Alexi hated books or anything paper backed.

"Dad, I just feel good reading it. I don't feel satisfied reading news on an electronic device." Sam exclaimed, and Liam nodded his head.

Liam had some other questions he wanted to ask his daughter but he knew what his daughter would reply with.

He cursed himself every day for bringing this day to his daughters. He wanted his daughters to be happy in their lives, and he knew very well that they were not happy in actuality.

It was his fatherly instinct that told him that his daughters were keeping secrets from him, but he didn't want them to tell him by force.

His daughters were working hard from a very young age. His daughters didn't have a happy childhood. Where children at their age went to parties, his daughters went to work. He wanted to give them a normal childhood like every parent wants to give his children, but he just gave them tears and nothing else.

He always felt guilty and ashamed in front of his daughters because he didn't make his daughters happy but made them work from a very young age, just because of his helplessness. But his daughters were raised to high positions like queens, because of their difficulties in their past, and he was proud of them.

And his daughter, Samantha was happy with everything that he gave them. They were proud of their Dad, and that he made them strong enough to face any problem which comes in front of them without any fear.

Both girls didn't ever make their parents feel low in front of anyone. They made their parents feel proud of them.

The girls went through a lot since their childhood.

Samantha was just 16 and Alexi was only 14 when they started working for their family. For the family which no one believed and trusted that they could do lead a life.

But the girls stood strong for their parents and showed the world what they were in actuality!

Not even one of their relatives believed this family and said many hurtful things, which broke the hearts of the innocent girls.

From then onwards, the girls stopped trusting people, and they hated two-faced people. They had trust issues, but there were some people in the world whom they trusted more than their relatives.

"Dad!" Called Samantha.

"Yes Sweetheart," Liam replied.

"That's the past, Dad. Don't think about it." Samantha said with teary eyes. Samantha knew what her father was thinking this time.

"How can I not, Sweety?" Liam asked. But Alexi interrupted their sad thoughts.

"I am back... Mom, And I want some food." Alexi yelled as she ran downstairs from the stairs.

"Girl, Don't yell!" Samantha scoffed, but Alexi ignored it and walked inside the kitchen and smiled at the maid on her way, and the maid smiled back to her.

"Mom, I am hungry." Said Alexi as she walked inside the kitchen and wrapped her arms around her Mom.

"Ok, Call Samantha and your Dad to the dining room," Cassandra said.

"Ok," Alexi said and walked out of the kitchen.

"Breakfast is going to be served soon, come fast!" Alexi informed them in a rough tone and walked to the dining room.

Samantha and Liam laughed at her cute angriness and walked towards the dining room.

"What happened, Lexi? Why are you looking annoyed?" Cassandra asked.

"Your elder daughter is irritating me," Alexi complained.

"Oh, What did I do?" Sam asked with lighter nerves.

"Don't act smart," Alexi growled.

"Okay, fine. I'm sorry." Sam said and kissed Lexi's forehead.

"It's fine!" Alexi winked with a smile.

Alexi couldn't remain angry with her family for a long time because she loved her family more than anything.

She started working for the family at the tender age of 14. Yes, there were struggles in life, but she buried them deep down in her heart. No one knew about it, not even her sister, and she wanted to keep it that way.

Her sister was her biggest support. They both used to work day and night to bring the money home.

There were days in their life, where they didn't have a penny. They used to bring home some fruits and ate them and went to sleep with a hungry stomach.

Samantha had a past like Alexi. They shared every secret, but there were certain things about Alexi, which Samantha didn't know about.

Alexi didn't want her family to get worried about her.

The things that happened in Alexi's life made her stop trusting people in her life. She hated the people who showed fake love. Both girls had seen so many people who backstabbed them.

But the family was strong and stood with each other always. And made The Julie Empire.

Cassandra was happy for her daughters, but a little sad too, because they would not think about settling down.

Cassandra wanted Samantha and Alexi to date someone, but both girls hated dating and marriage.

Yes, they didn't have a good opinion on love, but she wanted them to find the love of their life. Her daughters did everything to keep her and Liam happy. Her daughters stood with them in their struggle but didn't even think to leave them.

Cassandra and Liam were proud of their daughters, but they wanted them to find the love of their lives and marry someone and be happy in their lives.

But the thing was, these sisters weren't ready to date or marry anyone...

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