3 Alexi Julie

"Are you going to the studio, Alexi?" Sam asked.

"Yup, I have a photoshoot today," Alexi replied.

Sam nodded.

"Okay, Mom. I am off to the hotel now." Sam said as she got up from her chair.

"Yeah, take care, and don't forget to have your lunch," Cassandra said in her usual note.

"Yes, Mom," Sam replied in an annoyed tone, and kissed everyone's cheeks, got her bag and car keys. She walked out of the house, got in her black Bugatti Chiron, and drove off to work.

"This girl is becoming a workaholic day by day." Cassandra exclaimed in a worrying tone.

"True, We need to do something about it, so that she can take a break from her hectic schedule." Liam replied using the same tone.

"That's never gonna happen Dad," Alexi said, as she put a fork full of waffles in her mouth.

"Why?" Liam asked curiously.

"We all know her, She can't leave a single day without her work," Alexi said, as she drank her orange juice.

"Yeah, But..." Cassandra was going to say something but Alexi got up from her chair.

"Mom, Dad please let her do what she likes," Alexi defended.

"So your gonna support her anyway?" Liam asked in a serious tone.

"Of course, if you are going to talk about it then I'm going to support her." Alexi replied.

"Alexi, we are getting old..." Alexi cut off Cassandra in mid-sentence and said, "Please, mom. Not this again. I am going to my room." Alexi said and started walking out of the dining room.

"You said, You said you have a photoshoot, aren't you going to the studio?" Cassandra asked in a doubtful tone.

"I have 2 hours until I have to go," Alexi exclaimed.

"Lexi, your going to play that video game again!" Cassandra scoffed at Alexi.

"Mom... Seriously! I didn't play that game for a whole weekend, and I still have a lot of time until I need to be at the studio. Don't worry! I am just gonna play for an hour and then I'lll get ready." Alexi went on ranting.

"You have totally gotten addicted to those games Lexi," Liam said in a hopeless tone.

"Dad... Come on! You know I love to play games and you shouldn't blame me for that." Alexi told her parents in a annoyed tone.

"Yeah...yeah... I know." Liam teased her with a doubtful smile.

Liam totally agreed with Alex because he was the one who got Alexi addicted to video games. When Alexi was 10 years old, her father taught her how to play them. She was curious about every single thing and asked too many questions so naturally asked about the video games and slowly got addicted.

She once asked, "Dad, why do only boys play video games, and not girls?"

Liam said, "No baby, Not only boys, but girls too can play video games. Come on! I will show you how to play video games." Liam said and taught Alexi how to play them. And now Alexi loved to play them. Whenever she got some free time, she played games,

Sam was the least interested in them. Whenever she got some time, she would bury her head in a books and Alexi on the TV or playing video games.

Cassandra stared at Alexi and Liam with an annoyed look and went into the kitchen murmuring.

Alexi and Liam laughed at her, and Liam went to the living room, and Alexi headed to her room.

She took out her gaming laptop lying on her coffee table and started playing her favorite video game Jotin Racing, which was created by the one and only, Martin Davis.

Martin Davis was the biggest playboy of America, and one of the well known eligible bachelors of New York, and a self-made billionaire. Alexi didn't meet Martin personally, but she spotted him in some gatherings, and she stalked his social media and always though, 'He is hot'!

Every girl would throw themselves at him not Alexi though. Alexi was conscious about her image.

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She had her own identity in the glamour world and didn't need to do such cheap acts like those girls. She was aware of his attitude. He used his girls like a tissue.

He was a spoiled brat. He didn't give a fuck about anyone. 

Alexi was a big fan of his video games. Surprisingly, she had a crush on him but know one knew it not even her sister.

After 40 minutes of gaming, she closed her laptop and walked into her walk-in-closet. Alexi took out a pair of blue jeans and a white tank-top and put them on. She did a little touch-up, and kept her hair open.

Her blonde hair, blue-green eyes, and wider cheeks adorned her round face, which made Alexi look like a goddess.

Alexi looked glamorous with makeup, but she was naturally beautiful to the extent that makeup just could barely enhance the beauty she was already born with.

Alexi grabbed her 5-inch black boots and wore them. She looked and kissed herself in the mirror before going to her work. She loved herself and admired her reflection every day in the mirror.

"You are beautiful, Alexi Julie. Come on, let's kick some ass." Alexi told herself in the mirror and took her bag and walked out of her walk-in-closet.

She put her phone and wallet in her bag and walked out of her room to join her parents downstairs.

Alexi saw her Dad and Mom busy with their mobile phones. She went to them and kissed her Dad's and Mom's cheek. "Bye, mom bye dad. I am going to the photo shoot. I will be home around 7 or 8 pm. Don't wait for me and have your dinner." Alexi said.

"Bye baby and don't forget to have your lunch, unlike your sister, Okay." Cassandra said.

"Okay, mom," Alexi replied.

"Bye, Sweetheart," Liam said, and Alexi waved at them with a big smile.

She grabbed her car keys from the table, walked out of the house. She went into the garage, got into her Lykan and drove off to her studio.

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