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For Tony Stark's inference, because of Saint's ridiculous "hehe", he pointed out that the cameras that were destroyed by himself said: "What kind of genius do you count? At the moment I entered the door, the Ten Commandments were discovered. Anomalies, within half a minute, someone will appear at the door of the cave."

For Saint's statement, Tony Stark shrugged his shoulders: "You are only talking about a possibility, and if this is the case, we have more reason to delay the time, isn't it?" "

"Wrong and wrong, all wrong! It is not possible, no, no need to delay time."

As Saint shook his head again and again, he reached out and pushed the rusty iron door, and threw the earth bomb to the outside, then squeezed his fist and said: "Since the people of the Ten Commandments are coming to die, let them come."

This brat is actually more crazy than me!

Tony Stark narrowed his eyes and couldn't be sure for a while, because Saint was a madman of overnight one's capabilities, and he still had arrogant capital like him.


At this moment, from the opening of the iron outside, the door suddenly came cry out in surprise, just as Saint predicted before, the tenrifying molecules of the Ten Commandments, not only the arrival of the scheduled, but also he far The bomb that was thrown out just fell in front of them.


Tony Stark frowned and mastered the computational engineer's instinct, letting him know clearly that after saying this because of Saint, until the people of the Ten Commandments appeared, no more than thirty seconds in between.

"What bad bomb are you?"

As Saint turned his head, start to talk asked Tony Stark: "When it fell to the ground, why didn't you blast?"

Hear this, Tony Stark rubbed his face with one hand and completely lost confidence in Saint: "Are you really not graduated from junior high school? Who told you that a solid bomb can be detonated by a collision? Bullets hit It's all right!"

"Well, it's not bad."

Because Saint was not ashamed of twisting his neck, he lifted his foot and walked to the door: "I just suspect that the bomb is in the way, it doesn't matter."


This brat is absolutely crazy…

Tony Stark looked at it as Saint walked out like this, just like the terrifying molecules outside the cave, the hands were not deadly arms, but useless fire sticks…

The next moment, Tony Stark, who had found his head at the entrance of the cave, caught the sight of this amazing scene – when he rushed to the front of a big beard and picked up the submachine gun, it was like Saint. The volley-like volley waved his hand, and then, before he had time to pull the trigger's beard, it was like being blown by an invisible big hand. The whole person flew back from the ground and slammed back. Turned three or four terrifying molecules of closely closely from behind, and then all piled up into a pile and fell into a ball.

Tony Stark subconscious touched his forehead and calculated it in his mind. At the moment he just met, because of Saint's shot on his head, the power was not enough. 1% ...

The shocked expression on his face has not subsided, and he saw that his right hand arm was erected by Saint, and the palm-shaped palm was raised, making an upward lifting motion. Then, his five fingers were separated. Slowly inwardly folded up and pinched into a fist.

And because of Saint's movements, the four or five terrifying molecules that fell into a group, including the big beard, were so crowded together, slowly rising into the air, and then, with them The screams of mad screams together, four or five living people, the tremendous strength of the hard-won life from all sides, squeezing into a group of non-adult flesh-and-blood Fusion Fusion…

I am killing…

Until then, because of this thought in Saint's mind, it seems quite a bit of hindsight, and what makes him feel a little scared is that he is the first person, this is the first time to take away the same kind of life. However, instead of feeling any discomfort, he was so excited that he wanted to scream out…

Damn's Saiyan gene!

Because Saint bit his teeth, he is about to force the suppression of the body. The blood is boiling, the burst of gunfire, the "alongy" sounds in his ear, his eyes swept away, seeing The only two terrifying molecules are shooting at him insanely. While frowned, a beating golden flame suddenly rises in his whole body.

The steel warheads were struck on the golden flames, splashing a circle of ripples, and then a sleek steel crumb fell on the body of Saint.

Due to the entanglement of Saint's body around the body, with a part of the characteristics of "Guessing: Stone", at the moment of attack, it will be transformed into a Power Up, which carries a powerful bullet. Under the action of two hedging forces, it broke into powder on the spot.

Seeing, the two terrifying molecules that are ready to be scared, only know that the bullets are pulled hard, and the bullets that are continuously shot out are completely irritating because of Saint, he is facing these bullets, step by step. Slowly walked over and ran out of the golden powder along the way. He came to the front of two terrifying molecules with an unstoppable and amazing power. The left and right hands pinched their necks, one by one. Lifting them up, it's as easy as picking up two chicks.

The endless stream of gunshots, followed by abrupt end, the two terrifying molecules that actually felt the death threat, both instinctively throwing away the rob, wanting to open the fingers like Saint's iron tongs, however, in the body Under the glare of the flames, they could not even touch the skin of Saint.

Then, because of the two wrists of Saint, at the same time, a slight turn outwards, accompanied by two "songs", two fresh lives, once again annihilated by his easy.

In this situation, it is not only the enemy, but also the two friendly forces, Tony Stark and Dr. Yinsen, watching the two bodies on the hand because Saint is like throwing garbage. Turning back and striding back, both of them are taking a step back from the conditioned reflexes. This has nothing to do with trusting anything, but they are a kind of instinct for the high-intelligence Life Form.

Because Saint didn't think much, after sweeping it with aura sense, start to talk warned repeatedly: "You two go back, there are more people rushing over, I don't want to be distracted to take care of you."

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