17 Visiting Future Mother-in-law

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Sheng Yang wasn't good at turning down other people's kind offers, so she just said, "Okay then."

Seeing that she seemed a bit reluctant, Ou Ye thought she was worried about him. "Don't be afraid to disturb me. The more I can help, the better."

He didn't even mind teaching her from scratch. He was always patient with beautiful girls, especially a gorgeous girl like Sheng Yang.

Sheng Yang didn't say anymore. Unfortunately, there weren't many problems she didn't understand.


After school, Sheng Yang was changing slippers in the hallway, but Kang Weizhen didn't come out to greet her as usual and she heard vague voices in the living room. There seemed to be a guest.

In the living room, Kang Weizhen was sitting upright, smiling and drinking tea. Opposite her was their new neighbor, a young man in his early twenties. He looked elegant, genteel, and handsome. She was really fond of this young man.

And he was polite. The first time he came to visit her, he brought her favorite W's Earl Grey black tea. This brand was very stringent in its selection of tea leaves. Because the climate of the production area had changed in the past two years, they were in short supply, and even she couldn't purchase any. She didn't know how this young man got this tea. With fresh milk, the tea tasted really delicious.

Upon hearing the footsteps, Kang Weizhen quickly stood up and beckoned to Sheng Yang with a smile. "Yangyang, come on in. This is our new neighbor. His name is Yi Juncheng."

Yi Juncheng had already taken the lead to stand up, cracking a charming smile. "Sheng Yang."

The man was tall and slender and his face was enchantingly handsome. Standing there, he looked like an eye-catching painting.

"It's you." Sheng Yang nodded slightly.

Kang Weizhen was surprised and the smile on her face disappeared. She looked at the two who seemed quite familiar with each other. "Do you know each other?"

"Yes." Yi Juncheng smiled gently. "I went to Bailuan to work on a project and got to know Sheng Yang. I didn't expect to move in next door to her."

"Well… do you know each other well?" Kang Weizhen's uneasy gaze patrolled back and forth between the two.

To be frank, she had finally gotten her daughter back, so she really didn't want her to marry so quickly and leave her, but she didn't want to hinder her daughter's happiness either. In short… she was having a fierce inner struggle now.

"We're friends." Yi Juncheng gazed at Sheng Yang and a gleam of light flashed across his eyes. His eyes were intimate and loving when he was looking at her.

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Kang Weizhen: "…"

She found this lad very pleasing to the eye earlier, but looking at the same handsome face now, she felt a bit upset.

He was so good-looking and had such a nice personality. How could Yangyang resist his charm?

Alas, this was the last thing she wanted now…

"By the way, when you went to visit me two days ago, you dropped this at my house." Yi Juncheng suddenly raised his hand and a diamond-embedded hair tie was clasped between his long slender fingers.

Sheng Yang was a bit surprised. When he gave her the spice recipe that day, she said she didn't want to owe him anything but he said he didn't want money, so she decided to give him something as a gift.

But she searched all over her body and found that the most valuable thing was this diamond-embedded hair tie, so she gave it to him. He didn't refuse at the time. Why was he returning it now?

"OK." Sheng Yang nodded, took the hair tie, and looked up at him.

Yi Juncheng was acting weird today. She somehow felt that he was acting very different from usual; he seemed to have changed from a wolf to a dog and was very well-behaved. Although it was strange, she didn't care. "I'm going upstairs."

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