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It was a brisk "Turkish March". Sheng Yue played the tune as fast as she could to show off her mastery of the piano.

Sheng Yuxi was watching on the side, his eyes full of admiration.

He and Sheng Yue were close in age and grew up together, so they were on good terms. Sheng Yue was very skilled when she was a child.

But while listening, he couldn't help exclaiming, "Yueyue, the tune sounds much nicer than when you play at your house; so smooth and fluent."

Even a layman like him could tell it, let alone Sheng Yue.

This tone, this intonation…

She seemed a little distracted while playing the tune, and her face changed slightly.

She secretly glanced at Sheng Yang who was still reading quietly. How did she find out?

Did she just say it unintentionally?

Come on. She's only a bumpkin who's never even had a chance to see a piano.

However, after Sheng Yue finished playing the tune and closed the lid, she said to Sheng Yuxi awkwardly, "It must be the tuning of the piano that makes the difference."

However, Sheng Yuxi pursed his lips. "No, I don't think so. Our piano was only delivered in the past two days, and we haven't had it tuned."

Obviously, Sheng Yue's piano wasn't as good as this one in all aspects. It was ridiculous for Sheng Yue to claim that it was just because they didn't hire a good tuner.

Sheng Yue raised her hand and pressed her temple; she was so embarrassed that she was a little unsteady on her feet.

At this moment, a servant knocked on the door. "Miss, a foreigner is looking for you downstairs."

The servants of the Sheng Family were all well-trained and well-paid. They all could drive and understand basic English, so they could understand that the foreigner was looking for Sheng Yang.

Aside from this, they didn't understand what the foreigner was talking about, so they came to see Sheng Yang.

Sheng Yue's eyes lit up when she heard that. She heard Aunt was planning to get Sheng Yang into Yan City Middle School. Did the foreigner come to tutor Sheng Yang in English?

"Come on, let's go downstairs and take a look," Sheng Yue said excitedly.

Upon hearing her new cell phone ringing, Sheng Yang pressed the spot between her eyebrows with a frown. She had guessed who this foreigner was.

Sheng Yue and Sheng Yuxi went downstairs first. They saw a tall foreign man. There seemed to be a big object next to him, which was tightly covered by a piece of cloth.

Sheng Yuxi got a headache whenever he saw a foreigner. He had poor English and performed the worst in English on his high school graduation exam. If it hadn't been for English, he would've done better on the exam.

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Therefore, he could only turn to Sheng Yue for help, and Sheng Yue patted the back of his hand soothingly. "Third Brother, rest assured, I can translate for you."

She walked up to the foreigner gracefully, smiling at him and speaking in English, "Hello, how can I help you?"

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Sheng Yang coming down the stairs from behind, so she tried to appear even more dignified.

The foreigner was anxious, rattling off something in English.

Sheng Yue's pupils constricted. What did this foreigner say? Why can't I understand him? It seemed to be accented English.

She only understood a few words.

But in the presence of Sheng Yuxi and Sheng Yang, she certainly couldn't admit that, so she told herself to calm down, tried to guess what the foreigner was saying, and smiled gracefully. "He just introduced himself, saying he's the English tutor that Auntie hired for Sheng Yang."

"Yueyue, you're really awesome." Sheng Yuxi gave a thumbs up and turned to look at the big object next to the foreigner. "But why did he bring such a big box with him?"

Sheng Yue could only ask this foreigner.

Like before, she didn't understand this time either. She could only bite the bullet and say, "That's his luggage."

"Oh…" Sheng Yuxi's face said "I got it" and he looked at Sheng Yue adoringly whom he believed to be the best English-speaker among the people present.

Watching this drama, Sheng Yang smiled subtly then stepped forward and simply said to the foreigner, "No."

She had a clear voice, but when she spoke English, her voice was very magnetic.

Sheng Yuxi immediately felt anxious and hurried forward to stop Sheng Yang. "Yangyang, no, this is the English tutor Mom hired for you."

Sheng Yue almost laughed. Growing up in the countryside, perhaps this bumpkin could only say "Yes" and "No"!

The foreigner certainly understood what "No" meant. Scratching his head, he looked so anxious that sweat dripped from his face. Unable to explain clearly, he simply lifted the cloth.

It turned out that what was under the cloth wasn't "luggage" but a brand-new shiny piano! You could tell the piano was top quality at a glance.

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