15 Shocked

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Ms. Chen Lan, the class teacher, had entrusted her with a new task, which was to take care of her new deskmate. Besides, she had a thing for pretty students.

Whenever she saw someone pretty, she would want to protect that person.

She was determined to try her best to fulfil this task.

Staring at the stunningly beautiful face of Sheng Yang, Fang Duo felt as if she were taking a deep breath of fresh air. She smiled like a kind old mother. "Sheng Yang, don't hesitate to ask me if you have any questions."

Sheng Yang just wanted to read books, so she was a bit annoyed to have so many students around her. Upon seeing this little sweet girl trying to help her, she raised her eyebrows and said, "Thank you."

Fang Duo's heartbeat sped up: Oh, this new classmate isn't only beautiful but also has a nice voice.

Sheng Yang didn't like to owe favors to people. She noticed that Fang Duo had been fiddling with a Rubik's Cube in her hand for a long time and seemed to have difficulty solving it.

She leaned over and her voice was clear with a touch of surprise. "Is this hard for you?"

"Yes." Fang Duo stared at the Rubik's Cube, very upset.

Ou Ye always said she was stupid but she certainly refused to admit it, so today, Ou Ye brought a Rubik's Cube, saying that this could test her IQ.

But she couldn't solve it no matter how hard she tried. Would she have to admit to Ou Ye that she was stupid?

Fang Duo was quite reluctant to do that.

"May I help you with this?" Sheng Yang stared at the Rubik's Cube. On one hand, she wanted to return the favor to her deskmate, and on the other, she was a little eager to try.

Noticing Sheng Yang's eyes glimmering, Fang Duo thought to herself: In the small village where Sheng Yang grew up, there might've been Rubik's cubes but definitely not this kind of professional and multi-order Rubik's cube, so she must be curious about it.

As stunningly beautiful as she is, she's just a village girl with no idea about the world. Gee, poor little girl.

"OK, here you are." Fang Duo didn't expect her to solve this Rubik's Cube but still handed it to her out of sympathy.

Sheng Yang took it and confirmed, "Is the requirement that every side shows only one color?"

If the requirement was to show a word respectively on every side, she could do that too.

"Yes." Fang Duo's eyebrows twitched slightly and she looked at her pitifully. It seems like it's the first time she's doing this. With this thought, the pity in her eyes grew stronger.

It was really unfair for such a beautiful girl to have endured such a miserable life.

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Sheng Yang held the Rubik's cube. Her hands were small and soft but her fingers were extraordinarily slender and long as if they belonged to a comic book character.

Fang Duo stared intently only to see Sheng Yang beginning to turn the Rubik's cube with one hand at an eye-dazzling speed.

Fang Duo thought she was just turning it at will. In fact, although Sheng Yang seemed to be looking at it casually, her mind was racing fast with a series of rules and formulas.

After a minute, she turned it even faster because she had discovered the rule to solve it.

Now it was simply a breeze for her to solve it.

Fang Duo was still staring at Sheng Yang intently, indulging in her mesmerizingly beautiful face.

Some people fancied cats and dogs; she fancied beautiful people. Upon seeing such a peerless beauty like Sheng Yang, she just felt that life was so full of beauty and hope.

But if she glanced down, she would find that Sheng Yang's hands were moving at an impossible speed and she didn't even seem to need to think.

"OK, done."

"Huh? What?" Fang Duo asked blankly.

Sheng Yang put the 6x6x6 Rubik's Cube in Fang Duo's palm. Feeling something cold in her hand, Fang Duo came out of her reverie and looked down, and the next second, she was dumbfounded and kept exclaiming, "Oh my god! Oh my god!"

She wasn't trying to make a fuss. The moment she saw it, her mind went blank and she didn't even know how to express her shock.

She didn't expect Sheng Yang to solve the Rubik's cube so she hadn't even set a timer, but she could tell that Sheng Yang must've been very quick. Now she was overwhelmed by regret.

God! Why didn't I time it?!

"Is there something a little harder?" Sheng Yang's tone was light and calm.

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