19 In Their Dreams!

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Sheng Yang was confused.

She was in poor health in her previous life and since she transmigrated into this body one year ago, she had been busy learning all kinds of things, so she didn't know much about the ways of the world.

In her opinion, it was just a hair tie. Why couldn't she give it to Yi Juncheng?

Then she realized something.

"Okay, I see." Sheng Yang thought it must've been because the hair tie that Kang Weizhen gave her was too expensive so Kang Weizhen didn't want her to give it to anyone else. After all, there were a few carats of diamonds embedded on it.

Then next time, she would give him something of her own.


"The new classmate in Class 7 is super smart."

"I heard her IQ is two hundred and four!"

Such news spread like wildfire and reached the ears of many people in a short time, so Sheng Yang became the center of attention again.

She had only been admitted to the school yesterday, but on the first day, she became famous for her stunning beauty, and on the second, she became the focus of discussion for her high IQ. In just two days, she had become a celebrity at school.

The school newspaper even wanted to interview this new classmate but she refused. Her reason was that she was very busy.

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"Hmph, she's new at school but puts on airs. The school newspaper wanted to interview her which she should've taken as an honor," a student said sourly. She had been trying for two years to be interviewed by the school newspaper but was simply ignored.

"But does she really have an IQ of two hundred and four? I doubt it. I heard that even God Han's IQ is only two hundred and one."

"Haha, Fang Duo from Class 7 tested her. Do you believe it?"

Upon hearing this news, Sheng Yue kept watching Han Jingyu. Seeing him still completing his exercises expressionlessly, she walked over gracefully. "Jingyu, don't take it seriously."

"What?" Han Jingyu looked blank.

Sheng Yue smiled. "Nothing."

It turned out that he didn't take Sheng Yang seriously at all.

She said softly, "The math test is coming up. Have you been studying for it?"

"Sort of." It was only when they were talking about studying that Han Jingyu looked slightly relaxed, but with that crew cut, his face still looked cold and masculine. "You should study for it too."

"OK." Sheng Yue smiled sweetly.

In the teachers' office.

Li Mei sneered when she heard the news.

The Sheng family just purposely spread the news to make her regret giving up such a good student so that she would take Sheng Yang back to Class One, didn't they?

In their dreams!

Even if she was really that smart, so what? Her foundation was too poor.

Li Mei glanced at the score sheet in her hand. These were the monthly test results from last month. As expected, the first and second places were Han Jingyu and Sheng Yue in her class, and her class was quite a few points higher than Class Seven in terms of average score.

Li Mei sauntered past holding the score sheet, and when she walked past Chen Lan's desk, she knocked on the desk. "Ms. Chen, tell the students in your class not to waste their energy on worthless things."

Chen Lan, who was focused on scoring the students' work, was confused by her.

At this time, the class teacher of Class Three looked at Chen Lan and said, "Ms. Chen, I know that the new student in your class is very smart, but she's only been here for two days and her foundation isn't good. Let's not count her score in today's math test. I think if you give your reasoning, the principal will agree. It's justifiable."

On one hand, he wanted to help Chen Lan, and on the other, he didn't like the way Li Mei acted. He still remembered…

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