16 An IQ of Two Hundred and Four!

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"Is there something a little harder?" Sheng Yang's tone was light and calm.

In her previous life, she had poor health and would even feel exhausted from breathing. Although she had a super high IQ, she was too physically weak to do anything.

She got a full sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from learning new skills and making breakthroughs, so in this life, she was particularly keen about learning.

"Wait… wait…" The Rubik's Cube in Fang Duo's hand gradually became hot. She was so excited that it took her a long time to whip out her cell phone with trembling fingers. Then she opened the browser and quickly searched. "I found it!"

Sheng Yang glanced at it and saw that the phone displayed "Who was your lover in your previous life?" Fang Duo had just completed the quiz, which was one of the quizzes she had collected.

"Not this one. The tests on this website are very accurate." Fang Duo picked a different quiz and said with great excitement, "Do this!"

The title was "IQ Test".

She had a feeling that her new deskmate was not only beautiful but must also have a super high IQ.


Seeing Fang Duo walking towards him, Ou Ye smiled and jested, "What? Came to admit defeat?"

Deadpan, Fang Duo put the Rubik's Cube on his table with a majestic air.

"Oh my god!" Ou Ye's jaw almost dropped then he said with certainty, "Fang Duo, you cheated right?"

"I did turn to someone for help."

"I knew it." Ou Ye looked triumphant.

"Our new classmate."

"What?" Ou Ye was shocked. "You mean the Beauty?"

"That's right!" If Fang Duo had a tail, it would certainly be wagging high. She said proudly, "And I just asked her to do an IQ test. Her IQ is as high as two hundred and four!"

Ou Ye gaped in shock then gulped hard. Not believing it, he said scornfully, "What're you talking about? Do you mean those stupid quizzes you fancy? Like what is your future husband's job? When will you get married? Haha, if she has an IQ of 240, then you must be 180 cm tall."

However, Fang Duo didn't get angry or fight with him this time. She said calmly and confidently, "You don't believe me? Then do you have a higher-order Rubik's Cube?"

Ou Ye secretly brought two of them today and the other was a nine-order Rubik's Cube. At Fang Duo's insistence, he gave it to Sheng Yang to solve.

And… this time, he timed it.

Sheng Yang didn't bother to say anything. The moment when she put the solved Rubik's Cube on the table, Ou Ye pressed the phone timer then he lowered his head. This noisy boy became quiet like never before.

The numbers on the screen sent a chill down his spine.

2 minutes and 48 seconds, more than half as fast as the record of the nine-order Rubik's Cube, 5 minutes and 48 seconds!

Ou Ye never believed in Fang Duo's quizzes, but now he had to admit that the new classmate had a high IQ indeed. Whether she had completed a Rubik's cube before or not, this speed was scary.


The higher her IQ, the more pity he felt for her.

If she grew up in the Sheng family instead of a small village, how much could she have achieved by now?!

With this thought, Ou Ye rolled his eyes. "If you have any questions about your studies, just ask me."

He patted his chest, full of confidence. "You can count on me."

Sheng Yang raised her eyebrows. "Are you sure?"

Even Fang Duo, who always played devil's advocate against Ou Ye, echoed, "Sheng Yang, although Ou Ye doesn't seem quite reliable, he's quite smart and his grades have always been among the top, at least within the top 50. "

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