1 Bi-Him

My heart pounds as Wyatt gives me the longest hug he ever has. My face turns blood red while people watch. He whispers in my ear "don't worry Finn, I love you no matter how many people judge us." making me blush 10 times more. I lean in for a kiss and he kisses me back. I go to grab his throat and pull him closer then...I wake up.

Nothing like escaping reality through a dream. My name is Finn, I'm 16 years and I am bisexual. In case you don't know what that is it means that you like 2 genders but for me, it's male and female. Wyatt is, in my opinion, the hottest, nicest, best guy in school. Despite him being a year younger than me and, you know, straight, he means everything to me. But then there's this girl. Her name is Heather. Being homoflexible she is one of the only girls I have ever been attracted to. And I do like Heather, but I also like Wyatt. Heather doesn't know I'm part of the LGBTQ+ community at all and neither does Wyatt.

I hear my mom yell my name for breakfast. I'm not really in the mood to get up but at this point, I don't even have a choice. After I get all my average morning things done I head to school in time to get there half an hour beforehand to hang out with my friends for a bit. My mom drops me off at the school every morning and picks me up right after. Once I get to school I find my friends all around a table. They always look like they're having more fun without me. Heather then looks at me and smiles. That's when I see him. He's talking to his group of friends at their own table. That's when I make the most likely stupider choice. I walk over to Wyatt. "Good morning," I say arriving. I hate that moment when everyone is staring at me. "Good morning," Wyatt says, smiling at me. I know he smiles like that to everyone but it still warms my heart.

We didn't talk about much besides the usual what happened over the weekend. The first-period bell rings. With Wyatt being a year younger than me we have no classes together at all, And even though I and Heather are in the same grade we still only have 2 classes together. "Hey," someone says zoning me back in. I look around and see Megan. Megan is the only person I feel comfortable telling anything to. She is also the only one who knows about my bisexuality. "Morning" I reply. We both take our seats, right by each other by the way, and get ready for the lesson.

The first period finally ended after what felt like 5 hours. Next, I have Band...yes, I am a band kid. I meet up with Heather to walk across the street to the band hall. "So, why didn't you come  stand by us this morning?" She asks. I saw this question coming from a mile away. "I wanted to go talk to some other friends" I reply very confidently. "Some freshman, your picking freshman over your real friends?" she shoots back at me very aggressively. Anything I say back to this can be put back on me. "No, just I hardly talk to them and I felt the urge to this morning. That's it" I reply, leaving, not giving her time to shoot back at me again. As I go to sit down though, I catch a glimpse of him through the window. It's his FFA period, so I think he's walking a pig. I feel my face turning red, but thankfully before anyone noticed, Megan bumped my shoulder.

The rest of the day went pretty slow, none of my friends are in my 4th, 5th, or 6th periods. I did see them at lunch but I was out of it half the time, just daydreaming. Megan had to bump my shoulder over ten times throughout the whole day. What would I do without her? The end of the day bell rings and I go straight to Wyatt's locker. I stand there for about 3 minutes and then start worrying that he wasn't going to have to go to his locker. That's when I see him walking up. "Hey," he says casually, yet it gives me butterflies. "Hey, how was your day?" I respond, trying to get him to open up to me. " It was really good actually," he responds. It makes me feel ten times better knowing he had a good day. "I just wanna say thank you by the way, for always checking up on me. no one else really cares about me as much as you" He says. It caught me totally off guard. I never thought that Wyatt above all people would be the one to say something to me like that. "Of course. and I always will care about you. Even if people judge me for it" I reply. "What do you mean people judging? They shouldn't judge you over that" he says in the most genuine voice I have ever heard from him. "Nevermind, I was wondering if uh maybe you wanted to hang out after school tomorrow. Not really do anything in particular, just spend some time together" I ask. I've been wanting to ask him that for the past year. "Yeah...I'd like that" he replies as I see a small smile appear on his face. "Good," I say as I give him a fistbump. We go our separate ways and a huge smile appears on my face. I find my mom's car and have to go through the daily how was your day and how hers was.

I finally get home and immediately text Megan the news. She calls me and starts screaming

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