Beyond Worlds and Dimensions
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Beyond Worlds and Dimensions


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What is Beyond Worlds and Dimensions

Beyond Worlds and Dimensions is a popular web novel written by the author KamiDei, covering ACTION, ADVENTURE, REINCARNATION, SYSTEM, MULTIVERSE, DIMENSIONALTRAVEL, PARALLELWORLDS, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 6.7K readers . The novel is being serialized to 10 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


In the 3332nd Year of the Cyklus Calendar, Noro Chi Exemata, a 17-year-old student who was born with an 'Unknown Curse' lives his entire life alone in modern society. Even though he's a curse, his knowledge is nothing compared to the others and has a more complex understanding than an ordinary human. Abandoned by his own parents due to this curse, Noro survived on his own with the rules and laws of the mortal world and strives to search for his purpose of 'Life'. The days passed until the end of the year 3332 which unleashes the 'End' of his World. One evening, an 'Eye' appeared itself and unleashes the reality by tearing it apart and consuming it, distorting every ounce of logic in his world. After the destruction of his World, he was engulfed by its nothingness. His awakening in another world with no memories about his past gave him peace, but that peace didn't last long. At the time that Noro was away, the enemy goes forth and slaughtered everyone in his village. And as he returns, everyone around him and his loved one was already dead, witnessing this cruelty made his memories returned. Noro remembering his past, his experience, and everything brought him into despair and unleashes an unexplainable amount of negative magic energy that engulfed and killed all his enemies throughout the area. But a miracle was able to stop him, the one he loved was able to persuade him with the little consciousness she had and made a promise. The girl was shattered into pieces and was scattered through the heavens making Noro have a purpose in his life. Now, he searches for all her pieces in an entirely different world and dimensions along with his companions. "Everything will return to nothingness because the nothingness has no end. And I... will become that nothingness, to reunite everything." ------------[|]------------ Hello guys! This is my First Novel, so please expect it to have many mistakes and errors in the writings. Feel free to comment and point out my mistakes so that they can also help me improve my writing on the story. My mind is actually jumbled when I first made this on my head and it’s still too complex to write it because of the endless changing of power systems and otherworldly dimensions, but it actually gets interesting at a certain point of the story when you read it. I hope you will like reading this book and the series. Thank you for reading! PS: I am actually planning to make my own LN Cover but, I feel like it will take a lot of time before I finish it due to me not being that skilled at drawing covers. Though I will try my best and update it as soon as possible.


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A totally different and unique story with a good narration.... Author has put in many secretive gaps for us to ponder on what's gonna happen next..... An enthralling read!!


I gotta agree that the story gets confusing real quick but it makes me wish to know more about it. Great job. Looking forward to reading what's next.


Hahaha... this story plot is quite interesting, the typos and errors could be ignored. The characters and world development are unique, but the descriptions says otherwise. Overall, this is an hiddengem and as potential to grow, am also adding this to my library chest.


Hello guys! I'm the Author of the Story, and the storyline might be a bit confusing when reading it for the first time but you will eventually get interested when the story progresses. It becomes interesting the further you read it and connect the story on what's really happening. I also hope that you guys can accompany me to this endless journey. Happy reading!


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