Beyond The PrimordialsBeyond The Primordials

Beyond The Primordials

by Wayward_Scholar

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CURRENTLY UNDER HIATUS, POSSIBLE REWRITE IN PROGRESS ------------------------------------- When Yin Hui was born, the heavens trembled. Out of fear, the primordial gods crippled his clan and himself, stripping them of their ability to cultivate. Rendered powerless, his clan was driven to near extinction and Yin Hui was condemned to a life of slavery. After 15 years of torturous servitude, he encounters a stroke of fortune that would change his fate forever, bestowing upon him an alternate method of cultivating. With a new lease on life, he exacts vengeance against all who have wronged him, and strives to ascend beyond the primordials! "To those who have wronged me beware! To those who will wrong me in the future beware! I, Yin Hui, swear to pay back any and all grudges in full!" ---------------------------- Communication: Discord Server: https://discord.gg/7BaHbe2 Discord: Wayward Scholar#6193 Email: wwscholarnovels@gmail.com

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